Bengali Recipes

Bengali Recipes comes from the state of West Bengal. Bengal is the fourth most populous state of India and has a rich heritage of food. Bengali’s are known for their love for food especially fish. This is the reason why you will see plenty of fish recipes in this collection.

Some examples of famous Bengali dishes are Sorse Doi Irish, Sorse Pabda catfish in mustard sauce, Mucha Chingrighata, Fish Pakoda, Fish Chop the list goes on. The other characteristic you will find in Bengali cooking is Sweets! Rosogolla, Cham Cham, Rasmalai, Sondesh..Enjoy this collection and take a trip down the streets of West Bengal!

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There is just something about Bengali Recipes, whether it’s the strong, aromatic flavours, the blend of significant ingredients or the classic paanch phoron, Bengali recipes contain taste that are nothing short of ‘iconic’. Bengalis love their vegetarian dishes as much as their non-vegetarian ones and that is the speciality of a ‘ranna ghor’ that is operational in every Bengali household. Some of the most popular Bengali recipes are Aloo Posto, Chingri Malai Curry, Begun Bhaja, Luchi, Kosha Mangsho, Shukto, Ghugni, Muri Ghonto, Doi Maach, to name a few along with classic Bengali desserts such as Rasmalai, Roshogulla, Bhapa Doi, Mishti Doi, Mohan Bhog, Sandesh, etc.

Bengali Recipe in reality is inspired by varied cuisines, such as, the credit for ‘Kolkata Biriyani’ belongs to Awadhi cuisine, whereas the ‘Chingri Malai curry’ has been heavily influenced by the Malaysian Prawn Curry, to name a few. Bengalis love their fish, thus Bengali recipes comprise mainly of various Fish dishes along with the preparation of regional vegetables that are made up of stalks, leaves and even peels of the same, along with lentils. What makes these Bengali recipes unique? The extensive use of spices in both their vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes which cannot be found in any other part of India. The ‘paanch phoron’ is a spice mixture that is made up of cumin seeds, carom seeds, black cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds and aniseeds, it is also known as the ‘Bengali five spice mixture’, you will rarely find any Bengali recipe that does not make the use of this! The oil primarily used for Bengali recipes is ‘Mustard Oil’ as it has a high smoke point and contains immense flavour.

Bengali Recipes has the perfect blend of Non-vegetarian and Vegetarian dishes when served along with freshly boiled rice. Bengali recipes contain either a subtle or fiery flavour that really gives a kick to the palate and leaves you wanting more! Let us take a look at the top 10 Bengali recipes on BetterButter.