Best Hyderabadi Recipes

Hyderabadi cuisine, the native cooking style of the Hyderabadi Muslims. It is the perfect amalgamation of the Mughal, Turkish, Telugu, Marathwada and Arabic cuisine. Hyderabadi cuisine has a huge array of varieties of rice, wheat and meat dishes and requires a skilled use of various flavorsome spices, herbs and natural edibles. Hyderabadi Cuisine has always had a very distinct range of flavors originating from the Kakatiya’s and the Nizams. The cuisine of Hyderabad is known for its hot and spicy taste. Hyderabadi dishes are the spiciest of all Indian cuisines! Hot pickles are a must with the daily meals. Curry is cooked using lentils, tomato and tamarind. The way people of Hyderabad cook food, prepare snacks, curry and sweets also varies according to the place they are residing in due to local influence and community they belong to.Hyderabadi Chicken Dum Biryani, Shahi Mutton Korma, Authentic Hyderabadi Baingan and Mirch Ka Salan etc. are few dishes that one just can’t afford to miss. Breads eaten in Hyderabad also include those made of jowar and bajra apart from the daily bread prepared using millet. A few desserts and sweets prepared the hyderabadi way like Shahi Tukda, Bread Mawa Royale, Gil-e-firdaus etc. are a total way to the heaven. Some characteristics of the cuisine of Karnataka state, Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh too can be found in the Telangana cuisine.