Best Telangana Recipes

Food binds us to our families and culture. Best Telangana recipes offers a variety of food recipes for all the foodies. It includes many recipes that are appetizing. Best Telangana recipes consist of 25 recipes which include many of the exciting dishes. Here, in Best Telangana recipes, all the recipes are shared by our home chefs. The recipes are explained with step by step instructions which make it easy for all to learn. Browse through Best Telangana recipes, you will find the interesting options which are prepared by using some flavorful ingredients. The dishes under Best Telangana recipes are big on flavors as well as texture. Some of the best recipes of Best Telangana recipes are Vankaya Pachadi, Bagara Annam, Mirch ka Salan, Chitrannam, Pappu varieties with non-tangy green leaves in Telugu cuisine, Ragi Ambali, Ragi idli, Burani Raita | Garlic Raita, Spinach - Mango Dal which are appropriate for any occasion. So what are you waiting for? Get going and cook some amazing and delicious food for your family and friends from Best Telangana recipes. In case you have any queries regarding the ingredients or the cooking process you can comment on the recipe page. So, this is the time to explore you cooking with Best Telangana recipes.
  • Vankaya Pachadi

    Vankaya is Brinjal and pachadi is chutney. This is roasted brinjals mashed along...
    20 mins
      | 94 saves
  • Pesara Punugulu / Green Moong Fritters

    Pesara punugulu is an authentic dish that has been made in our households since ...
    30 mins
      | 24 saves
  • Telangana Mango Pickle - Allapu kaya

    Mango pickle is a must for any South Indian household without which we cannot im...
    20 mins
      | 27 saves
  • Halwa Polelu

    Many of you might have heard the Poori and Sheera/Halwa combo , so this is kind ...
    70 mins
      | 25 saves
  • Allam Pachhadi / Ginger chutney

    Allam pachhadi is yet another delicacy of Telangana cuisine that is sweet and ta...
    20 mins
      | 47 saves
  • Biyyapu Rotte

    Biyyapu rotte or Rice flour roti is an authentic breakfast dish of south hold&#3...
    40 mins
      | 20 saves
  • Kobbari Chaaru

    Kobbari chaaru is an authentic rasam that is made in Telangana Arya Vysya commun...
    20 mins
      | 19 saves
  • Greens Sarvapindi

    Sarvapindi also known as Akki roti in some areas, is a Telangana dish ( a state ...
    40 mins
      | 309 saves
  • Mamidikaya Pachi Pulusu

    This is a raw mango cooking rasam recipe that is traditionally made by Tel...
    5 mins
      | 38 saves
  • Rava Ladoo

    Rava ladoo is a simple yet tasty dessert that is made in Telangana house holds f...
    20 mins
      | 173 saves
  • Tutti Frutti Cookies

    A soft sweet nutty and buttery cookies inspired from Karachi bakery
    15 mins
      | 34 saves
  • Rice kheer / Payasam / pudding

    Rice payasam is my paternal grand ma's recipe which she preferred to prepare...
    30 mins
      | 37 saves
  • Dondakaya / small gourd Pachhadi

    Dondakaya pachhadi is one of such recipes that was passed on by my Maternal gran...
    15 mins
      | 25 saves
  • Besan chekki / Burfi

    It has become more like a tradition at my mom's place to prepare Besan chekk...
    45 mins
      | 64 saves
  • Bagara Annam

    This is one of those rice dishes that is prepared on every festive/occasion in H...
    20 mins
      | 36 saves
  • Mirch ka Salan

    This is one of those exquisite recipes that is famous in the entire Hyderabad an...
    25 mins
      | 127 saves
  • Chitrannam

    This is a flavored rice well known to the rest of the world as 'Lemon rice'. The...
    20 mins
      | 21 saves
  • Pappu varieties with non-tangy green leaves in Telugu cuisine

    Non-tangy greens are palak, bacchali koora (malabar spinach), gangavaila koora (...
    15 mins
      | 15 saves
  • Ragi Ambali

    Ragulu or taidalu are finger millets and widely used in Telangana region. One of...
    10 mins
      | 17 saves
  • Ragi idli

    Idlis are commonly preprared in the entire Southern part of the subcontinent. Ye...
    15 mins
      | 54 saves
  • Burani Raita | Garlic Raita

    A simple blend of yogurt, garlic and Indian spices makes the Burani Raita. Serve...
    1 mins
      | 143 saves
  • Spinach - Mango Dal

    Authentic Telangana style flavorful dal prepared using 2 varieties of dals, spi...
    30 mins
      | 18 saves
  • Oats Paruppu Vadi |Oats Masala Vadai

    Oats Masala vadai was my thought to make it more healthy and increase the taste ...
    20 mins
      | 304 saves
  • Gongura Chutney

    This is a famous recipe in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.
    15 mins
      | 68 saves
  • Mango milk shake

    Mango Milkshake is one of the delicious shakes that I relish during every mango ...
    10 mins
      | 45 saves