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  • Tipsy Fruit Infused Spiced Sweet Iced Tea - Summer Refresher
    First Prize
    Cook time 5 mins

    The Iced Tea cocktails are amazing and can be made in a variety of ways. This tea infused vodka cocktail has a unique fruity spiced flavor. This is a match made in heaven.

  • Sol Kadi with Kokum Granita
    Second Prize
    Cook time 10 mins

    Sol Kadi is a drink which is made from Kokum and coconut milk. Sol kadi cools down the digestive system after eating spicy food. This is a famous drink from Maharashtra's Konkan region.

  • Limonana - A Middle Eastern Summery Drink
    Third Prize
    Cook time 0 mins

    Limonana is a refreshing and coolant middle Eastern drink specially to beat the heat of summers.

  • Virgin Pina Colada
    Wild Card Winner
    Cook time 0 mins

    A perfect tropical summer drink

  • Masala mor / spiced buttermilk
    Wild Card Winner
    Cook time 0 mins

    Masala mor is refreshing and has a cooling effect on the digestive tract

  • Rose and Pineapple Cooler
    Wild Card Winner
    Cook time 0 mins

    Tropical pineapple and the very exotic rose. Rose, on it’s own is very cooling. I have combined it’s flavors with the sweet and slightly tangy juices of local Pineapples and added my twist to it….

  • Iced Tamarind Juice Green Tea
    Wild Card Winner
    Cook time 15 mins

    Everyone must be familiar with an Iced tea which is usually prepared using tea or green tea and lemon. But as a twist, I have used tamarind extract instead of lemon juice which was inspired by a Mexican drink.

  • Peach Bellini
    Wild Card Winner
    Cook time 0 mins

    Peach Bellini is originated in Venice, Italy. Bellini is basically a cocktail of peach puree and sparkling wine, but here I share a non-alcoholic version of it. Best drink in Summer.

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