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  • Mille Feuille Oats Crepe Cake with Mango Cream Cheese Filling
    First Prize
    Cook time 40 mins

    A Mille Feuille Oats Crepe Cake. With a divine Alphonso Mango and Cream Cheese filling. Healthy yet delicious !!! Try it before the mango season runs out !!

    Second Prize
    Cook time 75 mins

    As a festive treat, push the boat out with this perfect dessert, crisp on the outside with marshmallowy goodness on the inside.

    Third Prize
    Cook time 40 mins

    Mambazha Pulissery is one of the Traditional curries of Kerala prepared for Sadhya (festive recipes). It is sweet, sour and spicy in flavour with coconut based gravy with the addition of yogurt and green chillies.This curry is usually paired with idiyappam but it goes well with plain rice, neer dosas and appams also. Pulissery and Moru Kootan have the similar gravy base. The only difference is that pulissery is cooked with fruits like mango, banana, pineapple and the kootan is done with vegetables like raw banana, yam, pumpkin etc..

  • Sacch mucch mango ice cream cake
    Wild Card Winner
    Cook time 30 mins

    It is first time when I make a cake with ice cream. Adding ice cream to it, make it very innovative and delicious. Sacch mucch mango ice cream gives it very creamy texture and I like it so much. Recipe with pics is in steps comments.

  • Mango Chilly Salsa with Sacch Mucch Aam
    Wild Card Winner
    Cook time 10 mins

    Want to try something new with your nachos or got bored with usual sandwich chutneys?? Then give a try to this one. Can be made in any season with sacch mucch mango candy. It has perfect balance of sweet, sour and hot taste. You can have it with nachos, as bread spread or with chapati.

  • Stuffed mango-rice flower dumplings in mango milk kheer(with Sacch mucch aam)
    Wild Card Winner
    Cook time 60 mins

    a stuffed rice mango dumplings in delicious mango kheer

  • Mango Coconut sorbet bars(vegan)
    Wild Card Winner
    Cook time 0 mins

    Its a sugarless, no cook vegan and gluten free recipe.

  • Mangola salad
    Wild Card Winner
    Cook time 20 mins

    A rustic and robust combination of raw and ripe mangoes. The salad is an Indian version of the Thai raw mango salad.

  • Yeasted Mango Bread
    Wild Card Winner
    Cook time 40 mins

    Mildly sweet, soft and a very flavourful bread with a hint of mangoes. Toasts really well and a toasted slice slathered with butter is a slice of heaven.

  • Aam Kasundi- Mango mustard sauce recipe
    Wild Card Winner
    Cook time 10 mins

    Kasundi,Bengal’s signature mustard sauce is an exotic version of fermented mustard , made with green mangoes, chilies, and turmeric. It’s a condiment eaten with rice, lentils, curries, fried stuffs to give them an extra tang. You can try it with sandwiches, hot dogs, burgers, grilled vegetables, or anything that you would normally eat mustard with.This delectable and tangy mango mustard sauce can be prepared very easily at home by anyone.


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