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  • Microwave Steamed Fish in a Bengali Mustard Sauce
    1st Prize
    Cook time 15 mins

    This recipe is ludriculously fast and easy to cook and best part is,you don't need any stovetop. All you need is a good mixer or food processor, a strainer and a good working microwave oven. The star of the dish is mustard sauce, which is prepared by ground mustard seeds paste. The mustard paste in this recipe is strained to avoid any bitterness in the mustard sauce(a tip given by my mother). This recipe is excellent for lunch served with steaming white rice, and also attractive in appearance; if well made, the Bengali Mustard Sauce Fish Curry will be very brightly colored.

  • Lemon and white chocolate cake
    1st Prize
    Cook time 30 mins

    Really fresh and a great cake . It's even better eaten the next day.Lemon flavour is really refreshing in this cake and chocolate flavour is heavenly. This you should definitely try!

  • Microwave Almond pralines
    1st Prize
    Cook time 3 mins

    Almond pralines is a chewy delicious candy/sweet that can be made in jiffy.

  • Blueberry Jam Centered Microwave Muffins
    Wild Card
    Cook time 4 mins

    Can there be any better treat than this...when your loved ones come hungry from school.....???

  • Microwave sesame seed laddus in 1 1/2 minutes
    Wild Card
    Cook time 2 mins

    Quick and easy, authentic tasting Til laddus for Sankranti!

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  • Achaari Gatte !! in Microwave for Microwave cooking contest .
    Cook time 12 mins

    This Achaari Gatte is inspired by my hometown Rajasthan's famous Gatte ki Sabji.Which is traditionally made with yogurt gravy.This dry version is perfect for an appetiser or side dish to be served with phulka/chappati/paratha or along with Rice and Kadhi/any gravy dish.We love eating it alongside Kadhi and Rice:))

  • Multicolor cookies
    Cook time 10 mins

    Tasty and healthy cookies, love by kids

  • Eggless Banana Cake
    Cook time 7 mins

    Healthy Eggless cake baked in microwave oven in just 7 mins.

  • Non fried Baby corn manchurian
    Cook time 12 mins

    Very easy to make but great in taste this non fried manchurian you can eat with out any guilt.

  • Chicken And Apple Pie
    Cook time 30 mins

    A pie without crust made in microwave oven. Used mashed potato and Lettuce Topping in place of crust. Power pack dish with full of goodness.

  • Lemon and white chocolate cake
    Cook time 30 mins

    Really fresh and a great cake . It's even better eaten the next day.Lemon flavour is really refreshing in this cake and chocolate flavour is heavenly. This you should definitely try!

  • Fried Chilli salad in microwave
    Cook time 1 mins

    Using microwave we can ready these chillies just in 1 minute.

  • Microwave pasta
    Cook time 15 mins

    Cheesy chicken pasta in a microwave.

  • Red Velvet Dhokla
    Cook time 5 mins

    Such a beautiful makeover to the regular dhokla, feather light, full of flavours and all natural colour done in just a few minutes in microwave is a great option for your quick snack on kitty parties or evening snacks.

  • Asian inspired Rainbow Vermicelli Salad with Peanuts !! Microwave Cooking Contest
    Cook time 5 mins

    This Asian inspired Easy, Quick and Rainbow salad made with Rice Vermicelli & colourful garden veggies is a complete meal to satisfy your tastebuds at anytime of the day.Be it for a quick lunch or mid day snack.It can be prepared in minutes and your tastebuds will thank you for this gastronomic treat.Who says Clean eating is Boring?? Here we are serving this beautiful salad with a mind-blowing tasty dressing. :)) Enjoy !!

  • Microwave vattayapam.
    Cook time 7 mins

    A kerala traditional sweet snack, with rice,coconut ,sugar & yeast.

  • Besan Khandvi in Microwave
    Cook time 15 mins

    Khandvi making in Gujarati cuisine is very tricky method of cooking but in microwave it is a very simple to make it

  • Gajar ka Halwa (Gajrela)
    Cook time 65 mins

    A very sweet and deicious dessert specially loved in winters. It can easily be made in microwave also.

  • Microwave pizza in a cup
    Cook time 2 mins

    Can you imagine having a pizza in a cup, prepared in a jiffy when you have those cravings but need to control the portion? This recipe makes a cuppa pizza just the size for one person .

  • 10 Minutes Microwave Chocolate Fudge Cake
    Cook time 7 mins

    If you have microwave without convection mode still you can make this chocolate fudge cake in just 10 minutes.

  • Grilled Oyester Mushrooms
    Cook time 20 mins

    Oytester Mushrooms are also heplful for making/improving health. This is also used for weight loss and when feeling something eat tangy or yummy but good for health than you can used my Grilled Oeyster mashrooms. This is mouth refreshing snack in evening tea time.

  • Stuffed paneer idli
    Cook time 2 mins

    A healthy idli which can be made by paneer

  • Microwave Marble cake
    Cook time 7 mins

    Easy to make and kids favourite marble cake in microwave

  • Apple kheer
    Cook time 8 mins

    A healthy treat for toddlers..

  • Baked Apple Crock-pots
    Cook time 45 mins

    This fruit based dessert has the same flavors as apple pie without the guilt of a fattening crust! It's healthy and super easy recipe which tastes so yummy with scoop of ice cream or frozen vanilla yogurt( have used kulfi here!) Serve it as snacks or dessert! Enjoy the recipe with step by step pics!

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