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  • Tamarind Pickle:
    First Prize
    Cook time 20 mins

    Tamarind has a very important place in the Indian kitchen and it has loads of health benefits as well as it is a treasure of anti-oxidants and dietary fibres. Indians love its tangy and sweetish taste and enjoy this in chutney, relish, digestive candies, pickles and more.From childhood, I used to enjoy tamarind pickle and never knew about the recipe. Thanks to my brother-in-law who sourced the recipe and made it possible for me to enjoy this relish after so many years. This is a family recipe of one of our friends from Mangalore and speciality of the local Jain community form coastal region.

  • Rice papad (Garlic flavour)/khichiya papad
    Second Prize
    Cook time 30 mins

    In Gujarat we make this papad during December..when rice season is start. Every full meal is incomplete without Rice papad..its very tasty...we can fry or roast it.

  • Lotus Stem Pickle || Thamaraithandu Urugai
    Third Prize
    Cook time 10 mins

    A different ingredient which goes well with pickling.

  • Instant Coconut Pickle
    Wild Card Winner
    Cook time 15 mins

    This coconut pickle is a must try for those who love coconut. Its easy, spicy and can be enjoyed for the whole year.

  • Bittergourd Pickle
    Wild Card Winner
    Cook time 50 mins

    This recipe for Bittergourd Pickle is my maternal grandmother's invention. Its Sweet,Hot,Tangy and just yummy. When I first sampled it with curd rice, I thought it was made with Mangoes. But then my grandma told me Its Bittergourd!

  • Magical Moringa podi
    Wild Card Winner
    Cook time 25 mins

    This dried masala powder enhances the taste of rice dishes with all gudness of the plant which comes under the catagory of super foods.

  • Seb ka Achar
    Wild Card Winner
    Cook time 15 mins

    Seb ka achar is very popular dish in Kashmiri cuisine, It is sweet, spicy and tangy.

  • Rajasthani Aamchur pickle
    Wild Card Winner
    Cook time 30 mins

    made of dried mango slices,tangy sweet and added cashewnuts and raisins,aamchur I made at home,just sliced raw mangoes and kept in sunlight for 5-6 days, and then made this aachar

  • Mutton Pickle
    Wild Card Winner
    Cook time 50 mins

    All time favourite pickle, can be eaten anytime and with anything.

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