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  • Salted Honey and Rose Pie
    First Prize
    Cook time 50 mins

    A beautiful medley of flavours putting honey and rose together

  • Melomakarona
    Second Prize
    Cook time 30 mins

    My kids favourite cookie

  • Sweet Bird's Nests
    Third Prize
    Cook time 25 mins

    These crunchy sweet bird's nests are made of ultra thin vermicelli strands which are cooked, and then baked with butter. Chopped almonds and pistachios are drenched in honey and filled inside the baked nests. A generous amount of honey syrup is finally drizzled over them. Delicious bite sized sweets are ready.

  • Honey chocolate cake
    Wild Card Winner
    Cook time 90 mins

    I have made this honey chocolate cake from Nigella, quite a few times and its never failed me. I realised that honey and chocolate is a match made in heaven and it pairs so beautifully. There is a faint taste of honey when you bite into a piece, and the chocolate just takes it to a whole different level. ts a dense, moist cake, rather than a light airy one which makes it perfect as a dessert/ party cake

  • Honey Comb
    Wild Card Winner
    Cook time 10 mins

    Crunchy honey comb candy adapted from acozykitchen

  • Honey chicken momos
    Wild Card Winner
    Cook time 30 mins

    This is a fusion dish of my favourite Honey Chicken and the Tibetan steamed dumpling- Momos. The Momos dough is made healthier with a mix of multi grain flour, cornflour and apf.

  • Honey Modak
    Wild Card Winner
    Cook time 40 mins

    Modak is a sweet dumplings very much popular in Maharashtra. Modak can be fried or steamed. Ukadiche Modak is a marathi word which means "Steamed modak". I prepared this with fresh coconut and honey. Modak has a special importance in the worship of the Hindu god, Ganesh. Modak is believed to be his favourite food and Ganesh worship ceremony pooja concludes with offering of 21 modaks to the deity.

  • Honey puffs (Greek loukoumades) with a lime - honey syrup
    Wild Card Winner
    Cook time 20 mins

    Loukoumades or honey puffs are light and airy Greek style doughnuts. The batter is a super simple yeast one flavoured with honey, and then deep fried. They are traditionally served drizzled with honey or icing sugar. The lime honey syrup is a wee bit of extra work but goes really well with the puffs as the lime contrasts the sweetness of all that honey perfectly. You can choose to douse them in the syrup or just pour the syrup on top. A sprinkling of cinnamon and some chopped nuts on top and you have an absolutely delicious dessert , or teatime snack !

  • Honeyoffee Ice-cream
    Wild Card Winner
    Cook time 25 mins

    As now a days people are looking for healthy food options.This Honeyoffee is a perfect choice for those who are counting on calories and wanted to have pure ice-cream,not the frozen desserts.Honeyoffee Ice-cream is a very healthy ice-cream,very good in taste and easy to make. Its a builing on recipe.For this icecream we need hopney caramel sauce,icecream mixture and nutty crunches.

  • Honey cough drops
    Wild Card Winner
    Cook time 25 mins

    Honey has long been used as a natural remedy for sore throats and cough .A study has said that children who get a dose of honey cough less tgan those who get cough medicine .These honey drops not only help the scratchy throats but also my son loves these immune boosting honey drops.

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