Cookie Recipes For Kids

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  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

    This appetizing and beautiful cake is a great recipe to prepare as a tasty snack...
    40 mins
      | 73 saves
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Jars

    Indulge in the luscious, creamy and silky chocolate ganache with some fresh berr...
    30 mins
      | 21 saves
  • Maggi Cookie

    An innovative combination of maggi with cookies. Easy bhi taste bhi.
    5 mins
      | 6 saves
  • Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie

    Skillet chocolate chip is a giant cookie made on skillet that is not only irresi...
    20 mins
      | 20 saves
  • Mango Mousse

    Easy, tasty and summer special dessert that can be made within a blink of eye.
    0 mins
      | 11 saves
  • Sunflower cup cakes

    Beautiful recipe for kids, with the refreshing colors of the spring sun flowers ...
    15 mins
      | 8 saves
  • Dal Pakwan

    This is a very famous sindhi dish. Fried pooris with delicious dal with them.
    40 mins
      | 44 saves
  • Choco-Cookie Shake

    A magical splendid of Chocolate which is easy to make & delicious to taste.
    0 mins
      | 7 saves
  • Cookie fruity pizza

    It is a unique tasty, delicious pizza cookie with fruits and an out of the world...
    10 mins
      | 1 save
  • Chocolate Cookie

    Crunchy munchy
    12 mins
      | 3 saves
  • Cookie Ice cream desert

    quick ice cream cookie desert
    0 mins
      | 3 saves
  • Kids Burger

    It is a healthy burger. Made cutlets with vegetables, nuts, coconut and broken w...
    15 mins
      | 86 saves
  • Papaya chow (kids recipe)

    Normally children don't like to eat papaya. But papaya is very good for live...
    15 mins
      | 12 saves
  • Waterbath Cookie

    This is a simple cookie recipe which will add a charm to Christmas celebration
    20 mins
      | 4 saves
  • Nutty Chocolaty Cookie Balls

    I wanted to incorporate nuts in my daughter's diet. She is very fussy about eati...
    90 mins
      | 86 saves
  • Red velvet cookie

    Egg less cookie
    20 mins
      | 15 saves
  • Chunky Cookie Shots

    These chunky cookie shot glasses make such a fun treat for both kids and adults....
    0 mins
      | 75 saves
  • Coconut Cookie

    Melt in mouth cookies.
    13 mins
      | 26 saves
  • Cookie Butter Cups

    Creamy, chocolatey and filled with cookie butter goodness! You seriously won't b...
    5 mins
      | 50 saves
  • S'mores Cookie Cupcakes

    Absolutely delicious and very easy to make. Even a beginner can bake it without ...
    10 mins
      | 22 saves
  • Peanut Butter Cookie- Eggless

    I used my home made Peanut Butter to make these cookies. The baking time may dif...
    15 mins
      | 88 saves
  • #Cookie cups brownie

    Crunchy outside goey inside yummilicious combination of cake and cookie.
    10 mins
      | 110 saves
  • Chocolates for my kids

    Easy and yummy.
    5 mins
      | 107 saves
  • Chocolate cookie fudge

    this is an easy version of preparing chocolate fudgeand not the traditional old ...
    10 mins
      | 68 saves
  • Oreo Cookie Chocolate Milkshake

    A real experience of chocolate punch
    5 mins
      | 5 saves