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It has worked very well for me. I have tried different recipes and the taste was good, and oil usage was negligible. Though it will take time to get used to this "different" taste and not the taste that we are used to while oil frying. Go for it if you want a reliable and healthier alternative to oil fried dishes without compromising much with the taste. It doesnt work for puris , paranthas , pakodas and stuff To the best of my knowledge, currently there must be around 10 or more brands available on the online market. Capacities vary from 2.2 litres to 4.2 litres. I have a Philips Air Fryer which has served my purpose of experimental cooking, usually for 2-4 people. If you need to cater to a larger family do go for a larger air fryer. I can't comment on the best brand but the technology is the same and there doesn't seem to be much of a differentiator there. Havells has a 4 litre air fryer. And you may also consider Koryo, which some people have found it handy. The quantity to serve depends on the brand & Model you opt for. There are variations in the market now, one with the 2.2 Lts which cooks upto 800 grams in one go and the 3.2 Lts cooks upto 1200 grams in one go. There's a pdf available on philips website for philips air frier that should be helpful. I personally prefer Vah Chef air frier recipes on youtube. Most veggies that can be fried (including okra) as well as have fried samosa and batata Wada as well. The only thing you cannot fry in the air fryer is things that have very thin batters like the batter for mirchi bhajji.