Indian Sweets

If you want to cook an exciting dish to spice up your day then have a look here. Dusshera Recipes includes 95 recipes which are amazingly delicious. Be it kids or adults, no one can resist these delicious dishes. Here at you can find a good collection of Dusshera Recipes. This collection consists of the recipes like Coconut Barfi, Coconut rava Ladoos, Malpua, Besan ke laddu, Instant Badam Halwa, Roshogolla/ Rasgulla, Jalebi, Gajar ka Halwa, Khoya Barfi. The relishing flavors and the appealing texture of the recipes are just mouth-watering. And the flavorsome ingredients are the key of the delicious taste of these dishes. All the recipes of Dusshera Recipes are given by our home chefs. And recipes detail out how to make them step by step. The detailed explanation makes it so simple and easy that even beginners can try them out. So, the next time you have a party at home do not forget to check out Dusshera Recipes from BetterButter. To connect with our home chefs you can also comment and rate the recipes on the page below.
  • Kulfi

    Easy and tasty kulfi for summers
    40 mins
      | 43 saves
  • Sooji (Rava) Ladoo

    Coconut and Milk added to Sooji enhances the taste of Sooji Laddoo. Hence it tas...
    20 mins
      | 827 saves
  • Rava laddu

    Very easy ladoo for the festival season
    15 mins
      | 247 saves
  • Rice Kheer

    A famous Punjabi sweet dish made with rice, milk and dry fruits. Very delicious.
    220 mins
      | 192 saves
  • Sharkara Payasam/ Nei Payasam/ Aravanai Payasam

    A delectable sweet dish from Kerala. Why am I so proud of it? When I made it for...
    45 mins
      | 253 saves
  • Kesari Rajbhog

    Rajbhog is an Indian Mithai which is prepared with chenna (cottage cheese) and s...
    60 mins
      | 488 saves
  • Malai Cham cham

    Bengali sweet made with chenna and sandwiched with Homemade mawa.
    45 mins
      | 343 saves
  • Badam pista Shrikhand

    All time favourite....just cant resist on this
    0 mins
      | 427 saves
  • Kesar Badam Matka Kulfi

    This dense rich Kulfi is made by a slow process of condensing the full cream mil...
    30 mins
      | 416 saves
  • Chenna Kesar Rabdi

    Chenna kesar Rabdi is dessert made by reducing milk, saffron and chenna
    40 mins
      | 320 saves
  • Shahi Double Ka Meetha

    Double ka meetha is one of the most favorite Hyderabadi desserts.No Hyderabadi w...
    30 mins
      | 290 saves
  • Boondi Pak/Boondhi Pak/Sweet Boondi Squares

    Boondi pak, sounds interesting. This sweet is quite different one from the usua...
    60 mins
      | 203 saves
  • Bananas And Semolina Sheera (Banana Sooji Halwa)

    Banana semolina sheera or banana sooji halwa is made from semolina, sugar and ba...
    25 mins
      | 211 saves
  • Khubani Ka Meetha

    Khubani Ka Meetha or Qubani ka Meetha is a traditional Hyderabadi sweet delicacy...
    40 mins
      | 238 saves
  • Sooji Kheer In Coconut Milk

    Kheer - an ancient dessert, just the rice and milk mixed together to create one...
    15 mins
      | 322 saves
  • moong dal halwa

    An Indian Rajasthani desert made up of moong yellow dal
    25 mins
      | 1125 saves
  • Komla Lebur Chenna Payesh/Orange Kheer-Microwave Method

    A simple chenna kheer with orange segments makes a delicious dessert
    5 mins
      | 245 saves
  • Chennapoda -The Indian Cheesecake

    How many of us aware of this fact that the only Indian Cheesecake is made in Odi...
    60 mins
      | 207 saves
  • Semiya Matka Kulfi

    Semiya payasam or seviya kheer is one of the most popular Indian desserts. I hav...
    20 mins
      | 412 saves
  • Instant Cardamom Peda

    I usually tend to favor recipes which have condensed milk in it, since, I’m most...
    7 mins
      | 375 saves
  • Instant Rabri Ki Jalebi

    Jalebi is a very famous North Indian sweet. I made this jalebi within 30 minutes...
    15 mins
      | 276 saves
  • Carrot Payasam Or Gajar Kheer

    There are a lot of variations in the method of preparation for Carrot Payasam. I...
    15 mins
      | 242 saves
  • Wheat Rava Kesari

    Wheat rava kesari is a delicious and healthy sweet that can be prepared prepared...
    15 mins
      | 133 saves
  • Thandai Spiced Rabri

    Sweet, creamy and spiced dessert for Holi Festival
    90 mins
      | 230 saves
  • Badam Burfi

    Badam burfis a famous Indian sweet filled with rich almond and cardamom flavors....
    40 mins
      | 320 saves
  • Bread Rasmalai

    An excellent dessert or a Diwali friendly sweet to serve and enjoy with your lov...
    20 mins
      | 972 saves
  • Milk cake

    Zeba naaz
    20 mins
      | 410 saves
  • Beetroot barfi

    20 mins
      | 285 saves
  • Gujiya

    A traditional sweet dumpling that is enjoyed in North India
    60 mins
      | 1249 saves
  • Coffee Paneer Peda

    PEDA is a very traditional sweet, loved by one and all. As you all know NAVRATR...
    15 mins
      | 1006 saves
  • Mawa Gujiya

    35 mins
      | 237 saves
  • Cham Cham

    Atraditional Bengali sweet dish made of cottage cheese.
    10 mins
      | 588 saves
  • Balushahi

    A popular dessert in India, nepal and Bangladesh which resembles glazed doughnu...
    60 mins
      | 195 saves
  • Gulab jamun with Khoa / Mawa

    Milk solids based sweet / dessert, similar to a dumpling.
    480 mins
      | 251 saves
  • Jhatpat Jalebi Kurkuri (Instant)

    The inspiration for crispy, juicy jalebis lies everywhere in the Indian lifestyl...
    30 mins
      | 349 saves
  • Jalebi - Part of Indore's famous breakfast Poha-Jalebi

    Jalebi is a part of Indore's famous breakfast Poha-Jalebi. Though in many parts ...
    15 mins
      | 1647 saves
  • Balushahi

    Balushahi is a traditional mithai which very popular in India, Pakistan, Nepal a...
    60 mins
      | 418 saves
  • Sweet potato gulab jamun

    Back in home I remember mom used to make jamuns with sweet potatoes. This is one...
    45 mins
      | 193 saves

    45 mins
      | 321 saves
  • Sandesh

    This traditional Bengali dessert is simply delicious and is usually prepared dur...
    20 mins
      | 530 saves
  • Instant Bread Gulab Jamun

    Gulab Jamun is a very popular dessert dish in India and surrounding countries. I...
    20 mins
      | 1203 saves
  • Egg Halwa

    Egg halwa is prepared for special occasions/events at my in - laws place. The ta...
    60 mins
      | 584 saves
  • Instant Badam Halwa

    A quick and easy Almond dessert
    20 mins
      | 1638 saves
  • Gajar ka Halwa

    20 mins
      | 275 saves
  • Gajar Ka Halwa

    An old favourite from our Grandmothers' kitchen, carrots, milk and sugar work t...
    120 mins
      | 431 saves
  • Gulab Jamun

    Gulab Jamun is undoubtedly the most popular and widely loved dessert in India.
    30 mins
      | 161 saves
  • Milk Halwa /Palkova

    A quick and simple milk based dessert.
    15 mins
      | 606 saves
  • Jalebi with Vanilla Rabdi

    A famous Indian delicacy made by deep-frying a wheat flour (maida flour) batter ...
    30 mins
      | 626 saves
  • Imarti

    Similar to a jalebi, Imarti is a deep fried sweet dish.
    300 mins
      | 2060 saves
  • Moong Dal Burfi

    A classic Indian dessert that takes a while to make but is worth every minute sp...
    60 mins
      | 1421 saves
  • Besan Burfi

    All ready for Diwali with this family favourite!
    30 mins
      | 501 saves
  • Kesar Burfi

    Its a delicious sweet.
    25 mins
      | 233 saves
  • Kesar Indrayani

    A magical saffron flavoured thickened milk with soft and sweet rasgullas.
    30 mins
      | 1225 saves
  • Strawberry Rasgulla

    Rasgulla or Rosogolla is a juicy Indian sweet which is widely loved and eaten pa...
    30 mins
      | 207 saves
  • Rasgulla

    30 mins
      | 757 saves
  • Roshogolla/ Rasgulla

    The epitome of all Bengali sweets, sometimes known as the KING of the Bengali sw...
    45 mins
      | 1074 saves
  • Kalakand

    An easy to make fudge made with condensed milk and topped with almonds.
    15 mins
      | 1789 saves
  • Kalakand

    A sweet fudge like dish made with cottage cheese and condensed milk.
    15 mins
      | 677 saves
  • Rava Ladoo

    There is just something very satisfying about biting into a textured ladoo. Coco...
    40 mins
      | 669 saves
  • Jalebi

    The best Indian desert. One bite and you go straight to heaven
    20 mins
      | 371 saves
  • Nariyal Ladoo

    A popular beloved sweet dish made from desiccated coconut into yummy balls of sw...
    20 mins
      | 772 saves
  • Malai Ladoo

    30 mins
      | 406 saves
  • Chocolate Besan Ladoo

    Besan Ladoos are all time favorite Indian Dessert or sweet dish which is general...
    20 mins
      | 260 saves
  • Coconut rava Ladoos

    30 mins
      | 3316 saves
  • Boondi Ladoo

    Ladoos made from droplets of sweetness. A festive favourite sweet dish
    30 mins
      | 212 saves
  • Kaju gulkand ladoo

    Cashew Balls stuffed with a flavourful and delicious nut filling.
    90 mins
      | 378 saves
  • Motichoor Ladoo

    This rich sweet is a perfect fit for any festive occasion in India.
    15 mins
      | 451 saves
  • Dudhi/Lauki ka halwa

    40 mins
      | 1270 saves
  • Easy Rasmalai at home

    Very easy to do especially during the festive season.
    45 mins
      | 591 saves
  • Pista barfi

    A quick and easy pista barfi recipe
    25 mins
      | 761 saves
  • Peanut and Chocolate Barfi

    20 mins
      | 317 saves
  • Naachni Ladu

    Minimal resources of naachni/raagi/finger millet, ghee, jaggery, flattened rice,...
    30 mins
      | 275 saves
  • Mango Roll

    When the mango season gets over and the rains set in, we want to eat versions of...
    20 mins
      | 625 saves
  • Paneer Barfi

    An easy to make Indian sweet dish prepared with condensed milk and cottage chees...
    20 mins
      | 1352 saves
  • Khoya Barfi

    This is a very delicious and quick fudgy Indian sweet made during festive seaso...
    20 mins
      | 796 saves
  • Coconut Laddu

    My relationship with Condensed Milk dates back to 1980's. I literally love anyth...
    15 mins
      | 1246 saves
  • Laddu (Boondi)

    A popular classic Indian Sweet dish! Enjoyed through all the festivities!
    60 mins
      | 461 saves
  • Lauki Ki barfi ( Bottle-gourd Fudge)

    Delicious melt in mouth Lauki Ki Barfi ( Bottle gourd Fudge) flavoured with saff...
    60 mins
      | 692 saves
  • Rajgire (Laddus) Breakfast Bars

    Multigrain laddus are traditionally consumed with milk for ready to eat breakfas...
    40 mins
      | 579 saves
  • Rava Laddu

    Rava Ladu or Semolina Laddus can be made in many different ways. I have also add...
    60 mins
      | 128 saves
  • Flaxseeds Ladoo

    Healthy laddu with flax seeds,peanuts & badam.
    15 mins
      | 142 saves
  • Gulab Jamun

    The most popular Indian sweet dish!
    50 mins
      | 904 saves
  • Gulab Balushahi

    A rosy twist on the traditional north Indian mithai.
    60 mins
      | 74 saves
  • Kalakand

    Traditionally made with raw milk, this is a shortcut recipe with fresh cottage c...
    20 mins
      | 2317 saves
  • Coconut Barfi

    A traditional sweet made from coconut and condensed milk.
    90 mins
      | 1819 saves
  • Bread Halwa

    This delicacy is truly a delicious mouthwatering dessert. Paired with vanilla ic...
    20 mins
      | 213 saves
  • Besan ke laddu

    We never buy laddus from the market but always make them at home on festivals an...
    45 mins
      | 876 saves
  • Kaju katli(kaju ki barfi)

    An easy to do recipe without bothering about one thread syrup, try it out!
    20 mins
      | 704 saves
  • Rasgulla

    This syrupy dessert is so soft and soggy that it instantly melts in your mouth a...
    15 mins
      | 302 saves
  • Rabdi

    Rabdi is a dessert that has the perfect combination of milk and sugar that is ri...
    120 mins
      | 2460 saves
  • Rasmalai

    One of my favorite sweet is Rasmalai.. Never thought i’ll prepare this one day. ...
    60 mins
      | 426 saves
  • Layered Beetroot - Carrot Halwa/Burfi/Fudge

    If you are looking out for an easy dessert recipes to treat your loved ones then...
    20 mins
      | 170 saves
  • Aate gond ke laddoo(wholewheat)

    60 mins
      | 542 saves
  • Ras Malai

    Another bengali favourite that is completely melt in the mouth delicious.
    40 mins
      | 5006 saves
  • Multi Grain Ladoo

    A very health and yet very tasty multi grain ladoo loaded with millet's, nuts & ...
    30 mins
      | 311 saves
  • Mix Nut Laddoo

    20 mins
      | 814 saves
  • Lazeez Double Ka Meetha

    A rich, creamy and royal dessert from Hyderabad
    30 mins
      | 726 saves
  • Date Rolls | Dates Burfee (sugar free, low calorie & gluten free)

    A guilt free sweet that is healthy, low fat, sugar free and gluten free.
    90 mins
      | 445 saves
  • Malpua

    My nani's recipe!
    30 mins
      | 5370 saves
  • Besan Ladoo

    A perfect recipe to celebrate this Diwali & Lakshmi Pooja
    45 mins
      | 370 saves