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By Romi Purkayastha  |  1st Sep 2015  |  
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Mum's Patishaptaby Romi Purkayastha
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About Mum's Patishapta Recipe

This crepe filled with coconut, topped with a flavoured mawa sauce, is a delicious traditional dish of Bengal. I dedicate this dish to all Mums who make it with all their love, and to the millions of happy smiles it evokes at breakfast tables.

Mum's Patishapta is an aromatic, flavorful and delicious dish which is very much popular in Indian. The name itself get juices flowing in your mouth and this dish has a heavenly experience in every bite. When Mum's Patishapta is cooked perfectly it can turn into a dish beyond excellence. It is a recipe of delight which no one can resist. You can try this amazing Mum's Patishapta at the restaurants and you can also prepare it at your home. People of different region prepare this dish differently according to their own taste. This quick and easy recipe requires only few minute for the preparation and 50 minute to cook it perfectly. On the Better Butter website, you can find the recipe of Mum's Patishapta by Romi Purkayastha in step by step with pictures so you can easily learn how to cook the perfect Mum's Patishapta at your home without any difficulties. Mum's Patishapta is one of the representative dishes of Indian which you can serve in any special occasions.

Mum's Patishapta

Ingredients to make Mum's Patishapta

  • 2 cups shredded fresh coconut
  • 1 cup + 2 tbsp White sugar
  • 1 1/4 cup flour (Maida)
  • 1/4 cup semolina (Suji/Rava)
  • 1 cup water as required
  • 1 tbsp + 8 tsp vegetable oil
  • 1 pinch salt
  • 1/2 kg plain mawa (Khoya)
  • 2 cups regular milk
  • 4 green cardamon (elaichis) crushed

How to make Mum's Patishapta

  1. Mix the flour, semolina, and salt together. Gradually add the water to make a thick consistency (thinner than Idli batter). Add 1 tbsp oil. Mix and set aside the crepe batter
  2. Warm the milk in a saucepan. Dissolve 2 tbsp sugar and Mawa in it, stirring to remove lumps. Season with cardamom. Simmer for 10 mins., Pour the sauce into a flat tray or deep dish. The sauce should be thinner than tinned condensed milk.
  3. Saute the coconut and 1 cup sugar together in a separate deep kadai, stirring frequently, till the sugar dissolves, the coconut softens and the excess water dries up completely to make the mix look like a chunky paste - about 15-20 mins
  4. Place a non-stick pan or tawa on low flame and coat with 1 tsp oil. Put 1 ladle of crepe batter in a circle on the pan, and spread it thinly and evenly to make a round shape.
  5. Take a spoonful of the coconut mix, make a 'pen' shape out of it, and place it lengthwise on the crepe, about an inch inside the edge. Cook till slightly translucent.
  6. Using a flat spoon or karchi, carefully roll up the crepe from the filling side till you reach the other edge. Once completely rolled, press down lightly to lock the outer edges and slightly flatten the roll.
  7. Remove from tava, and soak it in the Mawa Sauce tray. Repeat the process till all your batter is used up.
  8. To serve, pick the soaked crepes out of the tray carefully and lay it on a plate, and spoon some of the Mawa Sauce over it. You can have it warm, or refrigerator chilled, depending on your preference.
  9. Note: This batter is good for 8 crepes. Use your discretion for the size of the crepe – too large and it becomes messy to fold over and manage, too small and you will spend too much time making too many crepes to finish your batter!

My Tip:

My personal favourite is the coconut and jaggery filling. Just replace the sugar in the filling with one cup jaggery or gur.

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Anuradha sharma3 years ago

great recipe :D can we switch the sugar with jaggery or natural honey?

Deviyani Srivastava3 years ago

Traditional sweets always have something special about them...i guess its the mum's love...!

G S3 years ago

Want now!!!!

Niyaz Laiq3 years ago

Sounds delicious Romi. But no picture?

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