Brazilian Brigadeiros | How to make Brazilian Brigadeiros

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By Nasima Singh
Created on 15th Sep 2015
  • Brazilian Brigadeiros, How to make Brazilian Brigadeiros
Brazilian Brigadeirosby Nasima Singh
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  • 11 reviews
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  • By Nasima Singh
    Created on 15th Sep 2015

About Brazilian Brigadeiros

Brigadeiros is a yummy Brazilian Dessert, which is quick to make and requires only 3 ingredients. You taste one and I bet you, you will not be able to stop at one. Try them and enjoy them..

Brazilian Brigadeiros, a mouth-watering delicacy which no one can resist. Most people try this amazing dish at restaurants, but with this recipe you can easily make it at home with the same taste. This super quick and easy recipe is written by Nasima Singh. Brazilian Brigadeiros is a dish which demands no explanations, it's a whole world of flavour in itself. Brazilian Brigadeiros is a very simple and easy recipe to prepare. The time required to make this recipe is not very much, but the delicious taste it renders is just remarkable. This recipe of Brazilian Brigadeiros by Nasima Singh is perfect to serve 5 people. Even beginners can also try this recipe. The recipe is explained step by step with pictures that it becomes very easy to understand each and every step, which actually turns out to be very useful. So, the next time you have a get together, night party, kitty party or any other occasion don't forget to try out the absolutely amazing Brazilian Brigadeiros.

  • Prep Time0mins
  • Cook Time15mins
  • Serves5People
Brazilian Brigadeiros

Ingredients to make Brazilian Brigadeiros

  • 4 Tbsps Butter (I used regular Amul Butter)
  • 1 Can (400 ml) Sweetened Condensed Milk
  • 4 Tbsps Cocoa Powder
  • Some sprinkles or Dessicated Coconut Powder

How to make Brazilian Brigadeiros

  1. In a non-stick pan, melt the butter and add the condensed milk and cocoa powder
  2. Stir constantly for about 8-10 minutes or till the mixture starts leaving sides of the pan (it will still be very runny, don't make it doughy by over cooking)
  3. Pour this mixture into a greased plate and let it cool completely (at this stage stay away from being tempted to lick away the whole plate)
  4. It will take about 35-40 minutes to cool completely
  5. When cooled, grease your palms lightly with butter and take small scoops or the mixture and make them into bite-sized balls
  6. Roll this into Desiccated coconut or into the sprinkles and enjoy.
  7. The above quantity yeilds about 30 portions (excluding what kids and I licked away from the plate while waiting for it to cool)
My Tip: Traditionally Brigadeiros are rolled into Chocolate sprinkles and eaten. But I enjoyed them more with the Desiccated coconut coating, while the kids enjoyed them with the multi-coloured sprinkles

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