Instant crispy Murmura ( puffed rice) chikki- 2 minutes recipe

Manisha Shukla
Manisha Shukla|
Last updated on Jan 12th
This chikki is without adding water. So cooks fast.
  • Prep Time5Minutes
  • Cooking Time2Minutes
  • Serves4people

Recipe Ingredients

  • Murmura ( puffed rice ). 200 grms. ( one plate big ).
  • Jaggery 200 grams grated.
  • Ghee 3 tbsp
  • Saunth ( dried ginger ) powder or Tea masala 1 tsp

Recipe Preparation

  1. In a big kadhai (pan) heat Ghee. Add jaggery and saute.
  2. As soon as jaggery changes colour ( little brownish ). add murmura and saunth. Mix well and spread on a greased plate.
  3. Cut diamond shaped squares and enjoy.
My Tip: I make this almost every week . This needs practice to estimate jaggery and murmura amount. This chikki becomes very crispy.