Chicken Tikka Kebab’s | How to make Chicken Tikka Kebab’s

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ByJyothi Rajesh
Created on 23rd Sep 2015
  • Chicken Tikka Kebab’s, How to make Chicken Tikka Kebab’s
Chicken Tikka Kebab’sby Jyothi Rajesh
  • Chicken Tikka Kebab’s | How to make Chicken Tikka Kebab’s (61 likes)

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  • By Jyothi Rajesh
    Created on 23rd Sep 2015

About Chicken Tikka Kebab’s

Chicken tikka kebab is a delicious recipe which goes pretty well with drinks either at home or at parties. A very popular appetizer, loved by many.

Chicken Tikka Kebab’s, a marvellous creation to spice up your day. Chicken Tikka Kebab’s is one dish that no matter how much the stomach might be full, you just can't stop yourself from having a bite. The relishing flavours, the appealing texture and the amazing aroma absolutely is just mouth-watering. The aroma which arises while cookingChicken Tikka Kebab’s is just too tempting. This amazing recipe is provided by Jyothi Rajesh. Be it kids or adults, no one can get away from this delicious dish. How to make Chicken Tikka Kebab’s is a question which arises in people's mind quite often. So, the answer to this question is the simple yet exotic recipe by of Chicken Tikka Kebab’sby Jyothi Rajesh. This recipe can even be tried by beginners. A few secret ingredients in this recipe just makes it the way it is served in restaurants. Chicken Tikka Kebab’s is just the appropriate recipe to serve as many as 3. The cooking time for this delicacy is not much. So, the next time you have a get together or a night party at home, don't forget to check and try out this recipe. It's that one delicacy that everyone's definitely going to love it!

  • Prep Time0mins
  • Cook Time6Hours
  • Serves3People
Chicken Tikka Kebab’s

Ingredients to make Chicken Tikka Kebab’s

  • 500 gram - Boneless thigh chicken (1/2 inch pieces)
  • 1 - Green bell Pepper (Cut into 1 inch square)
  • 1 - Yellow bell pepper (Cut into 1 inch square)
  • 1 - Red onion (Cut into 1 inch square)
  • 2 - Tomatoes (remove seed and cut into 1 inch square)
  • 1/2 - lemon juice
  • 4 tbsp - thick curd
  • 2 tsp - Kashmiri red chilli powder
  • 1/4 tsp - Turmeric powder
  • 1 tsp - Kasoori Methi
  • 1 tsp - Dried mint
  • 1 tsp - Chaat masala powder
  • 3 tbsp - Olive oil
  • 1&1/2 tsp - Ginger and Garlic paste each
  • 2 tsp - Chicken tikka masala
  • Salt to taste

How to make Chicken Tikka Kebab’s

  1. Cut all vegetables and keep aside.
  2. In a bowl add lemon juice, thick curd, kashmiri red chilli powder, turmeric powder, kasoori methi, dried mint, chat masala, ginger garlic paste, olive oil, tikka masala and salt, mix well.
  3. Clean and wash the chicken pieces. Dry them completely on kitchen towel/paper 2-3 times. make sure it’s completely dry.
  4. Add veggies and chicken pieces to the marination masala and mix well to ensure all the pieces of veggies and chicken are covered with masala.
  5. Cover with a cling film and refrigerate for a minimum of 4 hours, for best results refrigerate over night.
  6. Soak the wooden skewers in water for 15 minutes, this avoids the skewer getting burnt during grill. Preheat the oven to 200 degree C. Arrange the chicken and vegetables cubes onto the skewer.
  7. Cover a baking try with Aluminum foil and grease with oil. Grill the chicken for 15 minute in baking mode. After 15 minutes grease some oil on the chicken, turn them over and broil it for 15 minutes or until golden color.
  8. Keep a watch to ensure it doesn’t get burnt.
  9. Chicken tikka kebab’s are ready. Serve them hot with mint chutney and sliced pickled onions. This is a great party appetizer to please your guests! Enjoy!
My Tip: Cut chicken pieces about 1 inch pieces, do not make them too small or don't leave them too big. I used thick curd, traditionally hung curd would be used. If you have hung curd please use them. Each oven behaves differently. Please adjust the cooking time based on your oven’s performance.

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