Healthy bread

Twinkle Patel
Twinkle Patel|
Last updated on Jan 15th
A very healthy and energetic brunch
  • Prep Time10Minutes
  • Cooking Time10Minutes
  • Serves1people

Recipe Ingredients

  • Boiled Chick peas 50grames
  • Cinnamon,peppercorns,red chilli powder, turmeric, ground coriander, salt and pest of garlic and ginger as per taste
  • 1 slice brown bread and coriander leaves

Recipe Preparation

  1. Soak the Chick peas for 6 to 7 hours
  2. Boile Chick peas with pinch if salt
  3. Take a pen put butter and take a pen and on slow flame and add chilly powder
  4. Then add turmeric and pest of garlic and ginger
  5. At last add the powder of cinnamon,ground coriander and peppercorns
  6. At last add boiled Chick peas and after 5 to 7 minutes close the flame
  7. Take a brown bread applied with white butter and put the mixture ad purpose, garnish with coriander leaves
My Tip: Make it more healthy with green tea added with honey except sugar

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