Paan Bahaar Ice Cream | How to make Paan Bahaar Ice Cream

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ByVibha Bhutada
Created on 30th Sep 2015
  • Paan Bahaar Ice Cream, How to make Paan Bahaar Ice Cream
Paan Bahaar Ice Creamby Vibha Bhutada
  • Paan Bahaar Ice Cream | How to make Paan Bahaar Ice Cream (86 likes)

  • 5 reviews
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  • By Vibha Bhutada
    Created on 30th Sep 2015

About Paan Bahaar Ice Cream

Lavish, creamy and rich in taste. It has the right balance of sweet, aromatic and peppery. Serve this as a refreshing after-dinner party and an alternative to mints. It's the most wonderful palate cleanser too, so a little bit between a starter and main course would go down a treat.

Paan Bahaar Ice Cream is an aromatic, flavorful and delicious dish which is very much popular in Fusion. The name itself get juices flowing in your mouth and this dish has a heavenly experience in every bite. When Paan Bahaar Ice Cream is cooked perfectly it can turn into a dish beyond excellence. It is a recipe of delight which no one can resist. You can try this amazing Paan Bahaar Ice Cream at the restaurants and you can also prepare it at your home. People of different region prepare this dish differently according to their own taste. This quick and easy recipe requires only few minute for the preparation and 60 minute to cook it perfectly. On the Better Butter website, you can find the recipe of Paan Bahaar Ice Cream by Vibha Bhutada in step by step with pictures so you can easily learn how to cook the perfect Paan Bahaar Ice Cream at your home without any difficulties. Paan Bahaar Ice Cream is one of the representative dishes of Fusion which you can serve in any special occasions.

  • Prep Time0mins
  • Cook Time60mins
  • Serves5People
Paan Bahaar Ice Cream

Ingredients to make Paan Bahaar Ice Cream

  • 9 - masala paan
  • 5 - fresh betel leaves
  • 1 packet - amul whipping cream
  • 2-3 tbsp - powdered sugar
  • Few drops of paan essence
  • A dash of green gel paste

How to make Paan Bahaar Ice Cream

  1. Grind the masala paans and betel leaves in the mixer into a semi corase form. Keep aside.
  2. Whip the cream until soft peaks are formed.Add powdered sugar and 2-3 drops of paan essence.
  3. Beat again for 20 seconds. Do not over beat. Adjust the sweetness according to your sweet tooth at this stage.
  4. Now fold in the masala until fully incorporated. Add a dash of green gel paste and mix. If you feel its light, add a dash of more gel paste until you get the mild color like shown in my picture.
  5. Transfer it to an airtight container so that you don't ice crystals on your ice-cream.Freeze 5-6 hours or overnight.
  6. Scoop out and enjoy your creamy ice cream with or without betel leaves.
My Tip: You can use liquid food color if gel paste is not available in your city.

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can u pls tell big or small pckt of cream

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CN u please differentiate masala pan and betel leaves

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