Veg Dum Biryani | How to make Veg Dum Biryani

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BySonia Gupta
Created on 22nd Oct 2015
  • Veg Dum Biryani, How to make Veg Dum Biryani
Veg Dum Biryaniby Sonia Gupta
  • Veg Dum Biryani | How to make Veg Dum Biryani (46 likes)

  • 2 reviews
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  • By Sonia Gupta
    Created on 22nd Oct 2015

About Veg Dum Biryani

Veg dum biryani is a tempting treat for vegetarians who love biryani. It is a simple yet flavorful combination of rice, veggies and spices. My way of cooking don't call for too much oil or ghee, hence this one is also one of the low calorie biryani compared to regular ones. This is also simple to cook and don't need any special utensil or technique, still you will get quiet an authentic taste.

Veg Dum Biryani, a deliciously amazing recipe to treat your family members. This recipe of Veg Dum Biryani by Sonia Gupta will definitely help you in its preparation. Surprisingly the preparations for Veg Dum Biryani can be done within few minute. Isn't it interesting. Also, the time taken for cooking Veg Dum Biryani is not very much. With such flavoursome ingredients, the dish is definitely going to come out superb! This recipe is almost perfect to serve 4 people.A lot of times making Veg Dum Biryani can be quite tricky, so the recipe in Better Butter can help you in making it. The aroma which arises while cooking Veg Dum Biryani is just too tempting. Cooking Veg Dum Biryaniat home might be a little tedious but when your whole family would enjoy the meal, all your efforts would be totally worth it. The recipe can be turned and twisted in a lot of ways to make it more interesting. This recipe of Veg Dum Biryani is so simple and easy that even beginners can try it out. So, the next time you have a party at home do not forget to check out the recipe ofVeg Dum Biryani from Better Butter.

  • Prep Time0mins
  • Cook Time60mins
  • Serves4People
Veg Dum Biryani

Ingredients to make Veg Dum Biryani

  • Basmati rice soaked - 1 & 1/2 cups
  • Onions diced - 2 (medium)
  • Carrots - 1/2 inch pieces 2 medium
  • French beans - 1/2 inch pieces 10-15
  • Cauliflower - 6 to 7 florets
  • Capsicum - diced 1 (medium)
  • Soya chunks soaked - 1 cup
  • Salt to taste
  • Green cardamoms - 2 to 3
  • Black cardamom - 2
  • Cloves - 3
  • Cinnamon 1/2 inch stick
  • Bay leaf - 2
  • Caraway seeds (shahi jeera) - 1/2 Teaspoon
  • Ginger-garlic paste - 2 tablespoon
  • Turmeric powder - 1 teaspoon
  • Red chilli powder - 1 tablespoon
  • Coriander powder - 1 tablespoon
  • Yogurt - 1/2 cup
  • Rose water - 1/2 teaspoon (Optional)
  • Saffron (kesar) few strands
  • Fresh tomato diced - 3 medium
  • Garam masala powder - 1 teaspoon
  • Fresh coriander leaves - 2 tablespoon
  • Fried onions for garnish

How to make Veg Dum Biryani

  1. Boil rice in four cups of salted boiling water with two green cardamoms, one black cardamom, cloves, half inch stick of cinnamon until three-fourth done. Drain excess water and set aside.
  2. Marinate chopped vegetables (except onion and tomato) and soya chunks in the mixture of curd, turmeric and ginger garlic paste and keep it aside for 30 minutes.
  3. Heat a pan and add the remaining green cardamoms, cloves, black cardamom and cinnamon along with bay leaf and caraway seeds and roast. Add onions, tomatoes and marinated vegetables.
  4. Sprinkle salt, cover and cook on medium heat for two minutes. Add red chilli powder, turmeric powder, garam masala powder and coriander powder and cook.
  5. Traditionally biryani were made in clay pots, known as handis. If you have a clay pot, you could use it. But I have a pressure cooker shaped like a handi, so I used that.
  6. Now arrange a layer of rice at the bottom in the pressure cooker. Over that arrange half the cooked vegetables followed by another layer of rice. Sprinkle half of the remaining garam masala powder and half the coriander leaves.
  7. Arrange the remaining vegetables followed by the remaining rice. Sprinkle the remaining garam masala powder and remaining coriander leaves. Sprinkle a mixture of milk and saffron on top layer along with rose water.
  8. Cover with a lid (remove the whistle) and cook on slow to medium flame for around 10-15 minutes. Switch off the flame and Let it stand for five minutes. Garnish it with coriander leaves and fried onions. Serve hot.
My Tip: Love is the secret Ingredient of my recipe.

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Rohit Gupta2 years ago
Superb .. Tried at home too

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