Kaju Katli (Homemade Kaju Barfi) | How to make Kaju Katli (Homemade Kaju Barfi)

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ByAnuradha Karan
Created on 3rd Nov 2015
  • Kaju Katli (Homemade Kaju Barfi), How to make Kaju Katli (Homemade Kaju Barfi)
Kaju Katli (Homemade Kaju Barfi)by Anuradha Karan
  • Kaju Katli (Homemade Kaju Barfi) | How to make Kaju Katli (Homemade Kaju Barfi) (22 likes)

  • 1 review
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  • By Anuradha Karan
    Created on 3rd Nov 2015

About Kaju Katli (Homemade Kaju Barfi)

My daughters favourite

Kaju Katli (Homemade Kaju Barfi) is a mouthwatering dish which is perfect to serve at any occasion. It is a recipe of Maharashtra cuisine which is very famous in the whole worldwide. This is very amazing in taste and it contains a lot of health benefiting nutrients. It is a quick and easy recipe and you can easily prepare restaurant style Kaju Katli (Homemade Kaju Barfi) at your home. Kaju Katli (Homemade Kaju Barfi) by Anuradha Karan will help you to prepare the perfect Kaju Katli (Homemade Kaju Barfi) at your home. You don't need any extra effort or time to prepare this. It just needs few minute for the preparation and 20 minute for cooking. Whether it is a grand party or a normal kitty party, it is a perfect dish to serve and to get the compliments from your guests. This recipe follows the perfect art of cooking that gives an amazing texture to this and differentiate it from other dishes. In the Better Butter recipes, you will find the step by step process of this recipe by which you can know how to make the delicious Kaju Katli (Homemade Kaju Barfi).

  • Prep Time0mins
  • Cook Time20mins
  • Serves10People
Kaju Katli (Homemade Kaju Barfi)

Ingredients to make Kaju Katli (Homemade Kaju Barfi)

  • Cashew Nuts – 2 cups
  • water – 6 Tbsp
  • sugar – 1 cup
  • Cardamom powder 1 tsp

How to make Kaju Katli (Homemade Kaju Barfi)

  1. Break open the cashew nuts and dry roast on a heavy bottom pan till they turn crunchy. Set aside to cool completely.
  2. Powder it in a blender to as fine as possible, do not over run the blender, else the powder will turn oily and lumpy.
  3. With the help of a spoon, break up the lumps if any in the cashew powder and set aside.
  4. Add sugar, cardamom powder and rose water to a non-stick pan and begin to heat.
  5. When the sugar melts off completely and begins to boil rapidly, add the powder. Lower the heat.
  6. Take away the pan from the stove, set it aside and mix well to blend the sugar syrup and powder. The mixture must be smooth.
  7. Put back the pan to the stove and cook till the mixture becomes a mass. At this stage the mixture should not look dry but has to be moist and sticky.
  8. Transfer it immediately to a plate and let the temperature come down to warm, with the help of a rolling pin, roll it evenly and cut to desired shapes.
My Tip: Before adding the cashew powder, make sure sugar has melted completely and has begin to boil well. This recipe doesn't call for a string consistency of the sugar syrup, so do not skip roasting cashews, otherwise the burfi will end up being sticky.

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Madhuchanda Sharmaa year ago
lovely effort for your daughter..she's so lucky!