Mango Pudding with Pineapple Jelly

Febina Farook
Febina Farook|
Last updated on Jan 12th
The pudding tasted awesome and despite mangoes being not so ripe, the mango part particularly tasted really good and my doubt if the pineapple jelly flavor would go well with the mango pudding, was all vanished once I had it.
  • Prep Time0Minutes
  • Cooking Time15Minutes
  • Serves4people

Recipe Ingredients

  • Hung curd- 1 cup
  • Mangoes -2 chopped into cubes
  • Condensed milk- 1/2 tin
  • Cream/ fresh cream/ whipped cream- 1/2 cup
  • Sugar- 2 tbsp
  • Gélatine- 3 tbsp
  • Water- 1/4 cup
  • Pineapple jelly- 1 sachet

Recipe Preparation

  1. Prepare pineapple jelly as per instructions given on the box. Divide the jelly into 6 stemmed glasses and put some mango cubes in it.
  2. Keep these glasses tilted inside cups of cupcake tray or in a loaf pan. Place inside the fridge, until set. I kept overnight.
  3. Meanwhile, add sugar in a bowl with remaining mango cubes and keep in fridge covered for few hours, preferably overnight. Add gelatine to cold water, wait till it blooms.
  4. Melt gelatine in double boiler or microwave at 80% for 30 seconds. Blend the mango cubes, hung curd, sugar, condensed milk and cream together. Add the melted gelatine and mix everything together.
  5. Divide and pour this mixture to glasses that were previously set with jelly. Refrigerate and serve chilled.
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