Choco Milk Pudding | How to make Choco Milk Pudding

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Bypushpanjali kumari
Created on 5th Jul 2017
  • Choco Milk Pudding, How to make Choco Milk Pudding
Choco Milk Puddingby pushpanjali kumari
  • Choco Milk Pudding | How to make Choco Milk Pudding (7 likes)

  • 1 review
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  • By pushpanjali kumari
    Created on 5th Jul 2017

About Choco Milk Pudding

This is chocolate flavoured dessert like by everyone.

Choco Milk Pudding, a mouth-watering delicacy which no one can resist. Most people try this amazing dish at restaurants, but with this recipe you can easily make it at home with the same taste. This super quick and easy recipe is written by pushpanjali kumari. Choco Milk Pudding is a dish which demands no explanations, it's a whole world of flavour in itself. Choco Milk Pudding is a very simple and easy recipe to prepare. The time required to make this recipe is not very much, but the delicious taste it renders is just remarkable. This recipe of Choco Milk Pudding by pushpanjali kumari is perfect to serve 4 people. Even beginners can also try this recipe. The recipe is explained step by step with pictures that it becomes very easy to understand each and every step, which actually turns out to be very useful. So, the next time you have a get together, night party, kitty party or any other occasion don't forget to try out the absolutely amazing Choco Milk Pudding.

  • Prep Time5mins
  • Cook Time30mins
  • Serves4People
Choco Milk Pudding

Ingredients to make Choco Milk Pudding

  • Full cream milk - 1/2 litre (keep half glass separately)
  • Sugar - 150 grams
  • Cocoa Powder - 1 teaspoon
  • Corn flour - 1 teaspoon
  • Dairy Milk Chocolate - 100 grams
  • Butter - 1 teaspoon or 10 grams
  • White Chocolate chips - a handful ( optional)

How to make Choco Milk Pudding

  1. First take full cream milk in a heavy bottomed non stick pan and heat it on high flame.
  2. When it boils, keep it on medium flame and continously stir it.
  3. Meanwhile, take half milk of glass which we kept separately in a bowl. Add cornflour, make a paste and also make paste of cocoa powder using milk.
  4. Now add corn flour paste and cocoa paste in milk and stir it. Make sure there should not be any lump.
  5. Continously stir it for another 5 mintues till the whole mixture thickens. Add sugar, cook for another 5 mintues and switch off the gas and keep the mixture aside for cooling.
  6. If there is any lump in the mixture then use electric beater and beat it for few seconds.
  7. Now take chocolate and butter in a microwave safe bowl and microwave it for 30 seconds to melt it.
  8. If microwave is not available then chocolate and butter can be melted using hot water bath.
  9. Mix the melted chocolate and butter into milk mixture properly.
  10. Take it out in freezer safe bowl. Garnish it with white chocolate chips or your preferred topping. Keep it in freezer for chilling and your choco milk pudding is ready.
My Tip: Any cocoa based chocolate can be used as per your taste and health.

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