Shezwan Macroni | How to make Shezwan Macroni

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ByDiksha Aneja
Created on 9th Jul 2017
  • Shezwan Macroni, How to make Shezwan Macroni
Shezwan Macroniby Diksha Aneja
  • Shezwan Macroni | How to make Shezwan Macroni (7 likes)

  • 1 review
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  • By Diksha Aneja
    Created on 9th Jul 2017

About Shezwan Macroni

Macroni with a flavour of Schezwan Sauce.

  • Prep Time5mins
  • Cook Time15mins
  • Serves4People
Shezwan Macroni

Ingredients to make Shezwan Macroni

  • 2 cups semolina macroni
  • 2 onions
  • 2 green chillies
  • A small piece of ginger
  • 3 tomatoes
  • 1/2 teaspoon cumin seeds
  • 1 tablespoon green coriander powder (optional)
  • salt and red chilli powder according to your taste
  • 2 teaspoon schezwan sauce

How to make Shezwan Macroni

  1. Boil the semolina macroni with 1 teaspoon oil and 1/2 teaspoon salt
  2. Finely chop the onions, green chillies and ginger
  3. Make tomato puree in a mixer grinder
  4. Heat 1 tablespoon olive oil in a kadahi ( refined oil can also be used)
  5. Add cumin seeds in it.
  6. When the cumin seeds start crackling add the chopped onions, green chillies and ginger.
  7. Stir till it becomes golden brown.
  8. Add tomato puree and stir it for a while.
  9. Add salt and red chilli according to your taste
  10. Now mix 2 teaspoon shezwan chutny in this masala.
  11. Now add the boiled macrony and stir it well with a fork.
  12. Now add green coriender powder, and switch off the flame.
  13. Cover it for 2 minutes
  14. Now your tasty SHEZWAN MACRONI is ready to serve.

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