Set Dosa | How to make Set Dosa

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ByRitu Sharma
Created on 21st Jul 2015
  • Set Dosa, How to make Set Dosa
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  • 8 reviews
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  • By Ritu Sharma
    Created on 21st Jul 2015

About Set Dosa

A traditonal South Indian dish.

Set Dosa, a deliciously amazing recipe to treat your family members. This recipe of Set Dosa by Ritu Sharma will definitely help you in its preparation. Surprisingly the preparations for Set Dosa can be done within few minute. Isn't it interesting. Also, the time taken for cooking Set Dosa is not very much. With such flavoursome ingredients, the dish is definitely going to come out superb! This recipe is almost perfect to serve 10 people.A lot of times making Paneer Tikka can be quite tricky, so the recipe in Better Butter can help you in making it. The aroma which arises while cooking Set Dosa is just too tempting. Cooking Set Dosaat home might be a little tedious but when your whole family would enjoy the meal, all your efforts would be totally worth it. The recipe can be turned and twisted in a lot of ways to make it more interesting. This recipe of Set Dosa is so simple and easy that even beginners can try it out. So, the next time you have a party at home do not forget to check out the recipe ofSet Dosa from Better Butter.

  • Prep Time0mins
  • Cook Time30mins
  • Serves10People
Set Dosa

Ingredients to make Set Dosa

  • 2 cups Dosa rice or ponni rice
  • 1 cup medium Aval/ Poha/ attukulu/avalakki
  • ½ cup Urad dal / minapa pappu
  • 1 ½ tsp Fenugreek seeds/ menthulu/methi
  • Non iodised salt as needed
  • oil as needed

How to make Set Dosa

  1. To make set dosa recipe, wash rice and soak in ample water for about 5 hours.
  2. Wash and soak urad dal and fenugreek seeds in ample water for about 5 hours.
  3. Wash poha just before grinding the batter.
  4. Add urad dal, salt, fenugreek seeds and aval to a blender jar along with 1 cup water and blend till bubbly. if needed add more water to grind the batter smooth. Do not add too much water, batter should not be very runny.
  5. Transfer the batter to a large bowl.
  6. Add rice to the jar along with ¼ cup water. Grind to a smooth batter.
  7. Pour this to the urad dal batter. Mix everything well till well combined.
  8. Set aside in a warm place for 8 to 12 hours for the batter to ferment and rise well.
  9. Heat a tawa, mix the batter gently.
  10. Pour one ladle full of batter and dab it gently to spread the batter don not spread like a normal dosa. add oil across the edges.
  11. Cover and cook for a while until the dosa is cooked inside. you can flip and cook it for a minute on the inner side as well.
  12. To get a crusty dosa, lower the flame and cook for a while.
  13. Sprinkle spice powder and serve hot with chutney
  14. Repeat making more set dosa on the tawa.

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Sushila Bhandari7 months ago
Must try

Gayathri Shenoy7 months ago
Whether set dosa & sponge dosa are same ji

Usha R Doyijode7 months ago
Loved it as our state dish

Priyanka Khare10 months ago

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kee Va year ago
how many cups of urad dal?

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