Mango cake | How to make Mango cake

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Created on 28th Jul 2017
  • Mango cake, How to make Mango cake
Mango cakeby HARMEET KAUR
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    Created on 28th Jul 2017

About Mango cake

Non bake Mango n suji cake

  • Prep Time30mins
  • Cook Time90mins
  • Serves6People
Mango cake

Ingredients to make Mango cake

  • Cream biscuits around 20
  • Butter half cup
  • Roasted suji half cup
  • Sugar half cup
  • mango pulp 1 cup
  • Vanilla extract 1 spn
  • Melted chocolate 1 cup
  • Milkmade 4 spn
  • Whipped cream
  • Some love n sprinkles for garnish

How to make Mango cake

  1. Separate the cream from the biscuits.
  2. Blend the biscuits adding half cup of butter
  3. Like this..
  4. Pour the blended biscuits in to the baking tin.. And keep it into the fridger for half an hour..
  5. Now heat a pan and dry roast half cup of suji for 2 mints.
  6. Now caramelize the sugar by adding 4 spn of water
  7. Add 1 cup Mango pulp and let cook for 2 mints
  8. Add half cup chopped Pineapple.. Into the pan cook it for more 1 mint.
  9. Now add roasted suji.. And 1 spn vanilla extract
  10. Cook till it gets thick like this
  11. Now the second layer of my cake is cooked Mango Pineapple suji goes into the baking tin
  12. Spread the batter and keep it into the fridge for half an hour more..
  13. Now take half cup of dark melted chocolate add 4 spn of milkmade and cream of the biscuits..
  14. Mix all together
  15. Add the 3rd layer of the cake..
  16. Now set the tin for another half an hour into the fridger
  17. Before u dmold the cake.. Hot a knife and put into the corners as the chocolate sticks with the tin.
  18. Carefully open the cake tin
  19. And place the cake into the plate.
  20. Now garnish with whipped cream.
  21. Some more.
  22. And little more love..
  23. Love with sprinkle :birthday: :fireworks:
My Tip: After every layer of this non bake Mango cake u have to set it into the fridger for half an hour..

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Tanushree Goel19 days ago
Drooling over it!