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ByShazia Wahid
Created on 26th Nov 2015
  • Muthiya, How to make Muthiya
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  • By Shazia Wahid
    Created on 26th Nov 2015

About Muthiya

Muthiya brings back so many childhood memories when my paternal grandmother, 'Ummima' used to make them especially when we were in India during our holidays. I remember her sitting and shaping the muthiyas all by herself, not trusting anyone to make them correctly with her special mix of spices and ingredients. The amount of planning that she used to do getting ready to make them was quite time consuming, but she would never do it any other way. As this was one of my dad's favourite dishes, Ummima always made sure she made it every time we visited. Personally I enjoy the muthiya with the gravy, but Ummima also used to make the dry and steamed muthiya which is also served at peeti (haldi) functions during weddings. The following recipe is of muthiya with gravy, please do try the recipe and leave your comments below.

Muthiya, a marvellous creation to spice up your day. Muthiya is one dish that no matter how much the stomach might be full, you just can't stop yourself from having a bite. The relishing flavours, the appealing texture and the amazing aroma absolutely is just mouth-watering. The aroma which arises while cookingMuthiya is just too tempting. This amazing recipe is provided by Shazia Wahid. Be it kids or adults, no one can get away from this delicious dish. How to make Muthiya is a question which arises in people's mind quite often. So, the answer to this question is the simple yet exotic recipe by of Muthiyaby Shazia Wahid. This recipe can even be tried by beginners. A few secret ingredients in this recipe just makes it the way it is served in restaurants. Muthiya is just the appropriate recipe to serve as many as 8. The cooking time for this delicacy is not much. So, the next time you have a get together or a night party at home, don't forget to check and try out this recipe. It's that one delicacy that everyone's definitely going to love it!

  • Prep Time0mins
  • Cook Time30mins
  • Serves8People

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Ingredients to make Muthiya

  • For the gravy:
  • Boneless chicken - 500 gms
  • Shallots - 400 gms
  • Ginger garlic paste - 2 tablespoon
  • Green chillies - 10 to 12
  • Tomato - 250 gms (sliced)
  • Potato - 250 gms (quartered & fried)
  • Yoghurt / Curd - 125 ml or 1/2 cup
  • Chilly Powder - 3/4 teaspoon
  • Turmeric Powder - 1/2 teaspoon
  • Methi leaves - 1 bunch
  • Carrot - 1 (sliced into thin rounds)
  • Green Peas - 1/2 cup
  • Salt to taste
  • Thin coconut milk - 750 ml or 3 cups
  • Thick coconut milk - 250 ml or 1 cup
  • Oil - 4 tablespoon
  • Salt to taste
  • For the muthiya (dumplings)
  • Rice flour - 600 gms or 3 cups
  • Water - 1.125 litre or 4 1/2 cups
  • Salt to taste
  • Chilly Powder - a pinch
  • Ghee as required to make a soft dough

How to make Muthiya

  1. To make the muthiyas - In a saucepan, boil water with salt. When it starts to boil, add the rice flour and a pinch of chilli powder. Mix it well with a wooden spoon and turn off the flame. Cover with a lid and leave it to cool.
  2. After it is cooled, add ghee and knead into a soft dough. Make small balls and squeeze them lightly in your fist to leave imprints of your fingers on the dumplings.
  3. Grind the shallots, ginger garlic paste and green chillies together. Heat oil and sauté the ground ingredients well. Add salt, curd and cubed chicken.
  4. After the chicken gets cooked, add the potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, methi leaves and the thin coconut milk. Add the green peas and muthiyas which has been prepared earlier.
  5. After it boils for about 12 to 15 minutes and the muthiyas are cooked completely, add the thick coconut milk and turn off the flame. Serve hot.
My Tip: You can use lamb or mutton instead of chicken but you will need to adjust the cooking times accordingly.

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