Seviyan / vermicelli kheer | How to make Seviyan / vermicelli kheer

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ByHem Lata Srivastava
Created on 21st Jan 2016
  • Seviyan / vermicelli kheer, How to make Seviyan / vermicelli kheer
Seviyan / vermicelli kheerby Hem Lata Srivastava
  • Seviyan / vermicelli kheer | How to make Seviyan / vermicelli kheer (59 likes)

  • 2 reviews
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  • By Hem Lata Srivastava
    Created on 21st Jan 2016

About Seviyan / vermicelli kheer

Seviyan- a dessert prepared with roasted vermicelli, milk, sugar and nuts, flavored with cardamom powder and saffron. Seviyan are thin strings that look like spaghetti.

Seviyan / vermicelli kheer, a mouth-watering delicacy which no one can resist. Most people try this amazing dish at restaurants, but with this recipe you can easily make it at home with the same taste. This super quick and easy recipe is written by Hem Lata Srivastava. Seviyan / vermicelli kheer is a dish which demands no explanations, it's a whole world of flavour in itself. Seviyan / vermicelli kheer is a very simple and easy recipe to prepare. The time required to make this recipe is not very much, but the delicious taste it renders is just remarkable. This recipe of Seviyan / vermicelli kheer by Hem Lata Srivastava is perfect to serve 4 people. Even beginners can also try this recipe. The recipe is explained step by step with pictures that it becomes very easy to understand each and every step, which actually turns out to be very useful. So, the next time you have a get together, night party, kitty party or any other occasion don't forget to try out the absolutely amazing Seviyan / vermicelli kheer.

  • Prep Time15mins
  • Cook Time25mins
  • Serves4People
Seviyan / vermicelli kheer

Ingredients to make Seviyan / vermicelli kheer

  • Vermicelli- 1 cup
  • Sugar- 2 tbsp
  • Milk- 1/1/2 liter
  • Chopped almonds- 1 tbsp
  • Chopped cashew nut- 1 tbsp
  • Raisins- 1 tbsp
  • Green cardamom powder- 1 tsp
  • Desi ghee/clarified butter- 1 tbsp
  • Rose petals for garnishing
  • 10-12 saffron strings

How to make Seviyan / vermicelli kheer

  1. Dry roast the dry fruits.
  2. Heat the ghee in a pan and fry the vermicelli till golden on medium hot flame. Keep aside.
  3. Soak the saffron strings in 2 tbsp Luke warm milk, keep aside.
  4. Boil the milk in a heavy bottom pan, add fried vermicelli, mix well and cook on medium heat for 10 minutes.
  5. Add soaked saffron with milk.
  6. Add sugar, roasted dry fruits and cardamom powder, mix well and cool on low heat for 5 minutes.
  7. As seviyan cools it will become thicker in texture.
  8. Switch off the gas, pour the kheer in serving bowl.
  9. Garnish with rose Petals.
  10. Seviyan can be served chilled or warm.

Reviews for Seviyan / vermicelli kheer (2)

Yasmin Bharmala year ago
have u used the same saviyan that we use to make sheer khurma? the minute vermicilli

Anupa Gharata year ago
Is the sevayaan made of wheat and sre they little thick than usually available in market