Som Tam Saladby Mamagoto Created on 27th Jan 2016

  • Som Tam Salad, How to make Som Tam Salad
Som Tam Saladby Mamagoto
  • Som Tam Salad (79 likes)

  • By Mamagoto |
    Created on 27th Jan 2016
  • Prep Time10mins
  • Cook Time5mins
  • Serves2People
Som Tam Salad


  • Ingredients (Raw):
  • 400 gms of Long Julliene Raw Papaya
  • 1 tsp Somtam Sauce
  • 2 tbsp of Roasted Crushed Peanuts
  • 5-6 Cherry Tomatoes
  • Handful of greens (any)


  1. Put all ingredients together in a bowl and mix well.
  2. Serve instantly for best taste.
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    Nayantara Sanyal 3 months ago

    Hi pooja, birds eye chilly is a type of thai chilly. In case u can't get it just buy the green chillies that are really small and spicy they should do the trick as well

    comment 2
    Pooja Singal 3 months ago

    Please can u tell me what is bird eye

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    Nayantara Sanyal 10 months ago

    som tam sauce can be made at home using a mix of tamarind paste, raw palm sugar or palm jaggery, birds eye chilies and fish sauce. you can also throw in some garlic if u love garlic like me.

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    Sukhmani Bedi a year ago

    Hi Sangeeta it's easily available in any super market or speciality store

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    Sangeeta Bathija a year ago

    Please share the recipe of samtom sauce

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