Easy Chocolate Fudgeby Meena KumarCreated on 13th Feb 2016

  • Easy Chocolate Fudge, How to make Easy Chocolate Fudge
  • Easy Chocolate Fudge, How to make Easy Chocolate Fudge
Easy Chocolate Fudgeby Meena Kumar
  • Easy Chocolate Fudge (117 likes)

  • By Meena Kumar|
    Created on 13th Feb 2016
  • Prep Time4mins
  • Cook Time2mins
  • Serves4People
Easy Chocolate Fudge


  • Nestle semi-sweet chocolate chips - 340 gms
  • Sweetened condensed milk - 396 gms
  • Dry fruits - as needed (any colorful ones without seed)


  1. Line a baking dish with parchment paper with little excess on the sides so you have enough space to pull once the fudge is set. Keep it ready. (I used two loaf pans as I wanted it as bars).
  2. Plan if you would like to do a design. Cut the dry fruit into the desired shape.
  3. Take a microwave safe glass bowl and pour the entire condensed milk mix half the chocolate chips into it. Microwave for 30 seconds remove the bowl stir the contents well and return to microwave repeat the process after every 30 seconds.
  4. Make sure the chips are well combined and melted.
  5. Add the rest of the chocolate chips allow it to sit for a minute then mix everything well and pour it into the lined tray.
  6. Set the dry fruits in the pattern you choose and press lightly (This has to be done fast else the dry fruits will not stick to the chocolate well). Allow to cool completely then set in the refrigerator for 2 hours.
  7. Cut into the required shape and serve.

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