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bihar 264 Results

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  • Sattu Paratha
    sapana behl
    Cook time 20 mins

    A typical healthy and filling lunch from Bihar

  • Baigan ka Chokha
    Anjana Chaturvedi
    Cook time 25 mins

    Roasted brinjal with tomato mash

  • Litti Chokha Chick pea Flour stuffed Balls w Potato Mash Eggplant Mash
    Taruna Deepak
    Cook time 20 mins

    Litti Chokha, a rustic and delicious dish, popular in Bihar and Jharkhand. Whole wheat flour balls are stuffed with a tangy chick pea flour stuffing called sattu. The balls or littis are then baked and served with alu chokha and baingan chokha i.e. a rustic potato mash & eggplant mash. A generous drizzle of desi ghee all over and inside baked littis and your day is made!

  • Sesame Peanuts Chikki
    uma Pandit
    Cook time 20 mins

    Sesame & Peanuts chikki is a healthy, delicious traditionally candy. It can be eaten alone or with snacks and its perfect replacement for chocolate.

  • Sabudana Wadas
    Ishika Uppal
    Cook time 30 mins

    Nothing like some crunchy hot sabudana wadas !!

  • Aloo Naan
    Sarika Kapoor
    Cook time 10 mins


  • Balushahi
    Ruchi Srivastava
    Cook time 35 mins

    A soft mouth melting delicious sweet dish.

  • Dhuska
    Snehal Gurle
    Cook time 360 mins

    Dhuska is a traditional cuisine very popular in Bihar & Jharkhand. No festival is complete without this recipe at our place. Sometimes we even don't wait for any occasion for this. Very simple & delicious recipe.

  • Litti Chokha
    Swathi S Rao
    Cook time 60 mins

    A very famous Bihari dish which has a healthy filling of roasted gram flour accompanied with two spicy side dishes. It is a complete meal by itself and is commonly eaten with ghee.

  • Bihari Kadhi Badi
    Jayshree Nishchal
    Cook time 20 mins

    Kadhi Badi, a Bihari style kadhi pakoda, is one of the most loved dishes in Bihar. Any auspicious occasion is incomplete without feasting on Kadhi Badi be it a wedding or Rakhsha Bandhan or Teez or celebrating the arrival of a baby in the family. Kadhi Badi graces every occasion, every household has their own version of this dish. Here I have mixed the recipe of my grand mother and my mother-in-law.