Salad Recipes

Who doesn’t love the feeling of having fresh vegetables on a hot summer day? Which is why we love our salads here at BetterButter. You don’t need to cook, a little bit of washing and chopping is enough to put together a delicious meal. But at the same time, making a salad can be tricky and require more than just mixing vegetables! This is because more than often it turns out to be bland and well, just leafy. Which is why the right kind of salad recipes blended with complementary flavors can take you a long way. Salad recipes that aren't just for healthy eaters, but also for those who love a burst of flavor. These are simply fireworks of flavors.

Salads are usually served as a side dish with your meal making it a great way to make your meal wholesome. Most of us know the classic salad recipes that we serve with the meals regularly, forgetting that salads can be as creative and flavorsome as you want them to be! From refreshing salads to high protein salads, from simple classic salads to flavorsome, dressing heavy salads - there are many that you can make with interesting flavor profiles, making it a healthier to-go option!

A good wholesome salad can be made if your planning for a light dinner meal. Salads not only accentuate your meal but also can act as a healthy snacking option! Depending on your mood, your salad can be prepared using those specific ingredients as well! For a very Fruit-kinda day, you can always opt for a Fruit Salad. Similarly, for an amalgamation of taste and health, you can go for Caesar Salad, Russian Salad, Greek Salad, Pasta Salad, Vegetable Salad, or even Coleslaw Caprese Salad. For people taking a high protein diet - they can cook themselves a High protein salad like Chicken Salad or even Fish Salad.

If you want to cook an exciting dish to spice up your day then you’re at the right place. Our Salad Recipe Collection features the best 72 recipes. So, toss in your favorites and conjure up a perfect mid-meal entree with us.