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Why FOOD sometimes better than a LOVE STORIES!!! Lucky for me, I married a man who loves food as much as I love to make it. Food to me has always been an expression of love. This is how I was raised..There is a saying that you can reach a man’s heart through his stomach. It always made me giggle to hear that, but truly, it is not far from the truth.One of my favorite ways to show my husband and my family I love them is to cook for them!!! You really do not have to be a great chef to make a nice, simple, homemade meal for your husband & for your family..don’t even have to have a lot of time..when I make a hot meal for my husband, it shows that I am thinking about him, and care about his welfare. He can see that I have taken time out of my day to make sure he (and our family) is taken care of!! When cooking for your husband, remember it isn’t about the food, the recipe, or whether or not it is “gourmet.” The important thing is that you are thinking of your husband, and showing him your love through your time him your love through your time and effort (even if it didn’t take that long, or much effort!)..

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