Smoked Tofu Recipes

Food binds us to our families and culture. Smoked Tofu Recipes offers a variety of food recipes for all the foodies. It includes many recipes that are appetizing. Smoked Tofu Recipes consist of 25 recipes which include many of the exciting dishes. Here, in Smoked Tofu Recipes, all the recipes are shared by our home chefs. The recipes are explained with step by step instructions which make it easy for all to learn. Browse through Smoked Tofu Recipes, you will find the interesting options which are prepared by using some flavorful ingredients. The dishes under Smoked Tofu Recipes are big on flavors as well as texture. Some of the best recipes of Smoked Tofu Recipes are Smoked Beef Curry, Fried Tofu, Blini with Smoked Salmon, Hot Smoked Salmon, Smoked Pumpkin Soup, Sriracha Eggplant and Tofu, Sigdi Smoked Rice, Grilled tofu, Tofu Saag which are appropriate for any occasion. So what are you waiting for? Get going and cook some amazing and delicious food for your family and friends from Smoked Tofu Recipes. In case you have any queries regarding the ingredients or the cooking process you can comment on the recipe page. So, this is the time to explore you cooking with Smoked Tofu Recipes.
  • Smoked Beef Curry

    Smoked beef is enjoyed in all the north-eastern states of India. The style of co...
    30 mins
      | 20 saves
  • Smoked Bajri Roti

    It's pearl millet roti with green garlic.
    10 mins
      | 22 saves
  • Tricolour Tofu Pinwheels

    Colourful, tasty and healthy tofu pinwheels
    10 mins
      | 112 saves
  • Beetroot And Tofu Barfi

    Beetroot and Tofu Barfi is a healthy and delicious Indian sweet that can be prep...
    20 mins
      | 8 saves
  • Tofu Manchurian

    It is a healthy alternative to paneer.
    20 mins
      | 665 saves
  • Smoked Chicken Makhani

    Just wow! Very authentic chicken makhani with the coal smoke effect. Do it and y...
    35 mins
      | 257 saves
  • Smoked chicken curd Sandwich

    10 mins
      | 16 saves
  • Smoked Sultani Dal

    Smoked sultani dal from Awadhi cuisine. It is a creamy and delicious dal recipe,...
    45 mins
      | 6 saves
  • Mango Mousse

    Easy, tasty and summer special dessert that can be made within a blink of eye.
    0 mins
      | 9 saves
  • Sunflower cup cakes

    Beautiful recipe for kids, with the refreshing colors of the spring sun flowers ...
    15 mins
      | 8 saves
  • Dal Pakwan

    This is a very famous sindhi dish. Fried pooris with delicious dal with them.
    40 mins
      | 42 saves
  • Smoked Egg Curry

    Egg recipe with a smoky flavor because of the use of charcoal.
    20 mins
      | 72 saves
  • Hummus with Smoked Paprika

    Hummus or houmousis essentially a famous dip/spread used widely in Lebanese and ...
    5 mins
      | 9 saves
  • Smoked Hilsa Biryani

    Biryani with the awesome taste of Hilsa.
    40 mins
      | 26 saves
  • Fried Tofu

    Great as an addition to salads or sandwiches, or just to eat as a snack with a s...
    10 mins
      | 176 saves
  • Blini with Smoked Salmon

    A crunchy biscuit baked with heavenly bacon topped with basil and cheese.
    30 mins
      | 6 saves
  • Hot Smoked Salmon

    This tasty smoked salmon is the easiest and fastest way to cook salmon.
    40 mins
      | 25 saves
  • Smoked Pumpkin Soup

    A healthy and tasty soup recipe that you can prepare on a cold evening.
    25 mins
      | 136 saves
  • Sriracha Eggplant and Tofu

    I love to read newspapers, so in the morning with my blogging work and breakfast...
    5 mins
      | 8 saves
  • Sigdi Smoked Rice

    Nutritive rice loaded with veggies. The uniqueness comes when smoke is added to ...
    20 mins
      | 57 saves
  • Grilled tofu

    Tofu is very rich source of protein. This dish is a perfect start of the day. Gr...
    10 mins
      | 580 saves
  • Tofu Saag

    A vegan version of the delicious Punjabi saag paneer.
    40 mins
      | 435 saves
  • Tofu Gujiya

    Soya paneer or tofu with some corns and pea, roasted nuts are filled in maida do...
    20 mins
      | 16 saves
  • Smoked Lemon Pahadi Chicken

    The rustic cuisine of Pahadi people in North-India has always the hint of fresh ...
    15 mins
      | 373 saves
  • Smoked Vegetable Pilaf

    Simple yet tasty Indian basmati rice recipe of vegetable pilaf accompanied with ...
    20 mins