Under 30 Minutes Lunchbox Recipes

  • Panini sandwichImagePanini sandwich
    Arti Singh
    Cook time 10 min
    Prep time 10 min
    A cheese and vegetable mix that is healthy and makes a delicious breakfast.
  • Quinoa And Oats DhoklaImageQuinoa And Oats Dhokla
    Shweta Agrawal
    Cook time 25 min
    Prep time 0 min
    Quinoa and oats dhokla is a very healthy and delicious dish. It is an instant to...
  • Veg sandwichImageVeg sandwich
    Sukhmani Bedi
    Cook time 20 min
    Prep time 0 min
    A simple and filling snack.
  • Besan French ToastImageBesan French Toast
    Gagandeep Joshi
    Cook time 5 min
    Prep time 5 min
    'Gram Flour'- Senaga Pindi in Telugu, Kadalamavu in Tamil, Kedalehittoo in Kanna...
  • Masala pavImageMasala pav
    Dr. Ashwini Patil
    Cook time 20 min
    Prep time 10 min
    The lip smacking road side chat can be made quickly. Being a mumbai girl, have a...