5 Achars Under 5 Minutes

  • Achari Mirch

    Achari Mirch, so simple and easy to prepare in a jiffy. The aroma of cooking chi...
    3 mins
      | 386 saves
  • Red Chilli Pickle

    An amazing recipe that I learned from a neighbour recently.
    5 mins
      | 560 saves
  • Raw Turmeric Pickle

    A simple condiment with the goodness of health. I learnt it from a neighbour.
    0 mins
      | 197 saves
  • Ginger Pickle

    A very easy, instant ginger pickle which accompanies most food very well. All yo...
    0 mins
      | 306 saves
  • Instant Mango Pickle

    Summer is here so is the most awaited mango season if ripened mango is the king ...
    3 mins
      | 654 saves
  • Instant Green Chilli Pickle

    Green chili pickle is a spicy and tangy condiment prepared from green chillies o...
    5 mins
      | 31 saves
  • Instant Mushroom Pickle

    Very easy and instant pickle
    2 mins
      | 5 saves
  • Instant Carrot Pickle

    This crunchy and spicy pickle is prepared with fresh carrots,chilies and flavore...
    5 mins
      | 8 saves
  • Instant onion pickle

    Small onion pickle is a tasty and popular pickle recipe! There are countless use...
    2 mins
      | 11 saves
  • Instant Amla Pickle

    Amlas are packed with Vitamin C, and why not include them in daily food in form ...
    2 mins
      | 27 saves