6 Gingery Drinks

  • Ginger Tea

    Everything good is found in ginger, says an old Indian proverb. That is why Ayur...
    20 mins
      | 126 saves
  • Ginger-Holy Basil Tisane | Adrak Tulsi Chai

    Tulsi known as holy basil is the queen of herbs. The health benefits of tulsi a...
    5 mins
      | 125 saves
  • Ginger and Lemon Tea.

    It is useful to drink in the morning on empty stomach. This tea takes very littl...
    15 mins
      | 122 saves
  • Honey Lemon Ginger Tea

    This tea is very good for colds, coughs and sore throats. Have it just any time ...
    5 mins
      | 1420 saves
  • Adrak wali Chai (Ginger Tea)

    Apart from a host of other benefits..nothing beats a cold like a piping hot cup...
    10 mins
      | 531 saves
  • Cinnamon Ginger Tea

    For fitness freak friends
    10 mins
      | 348 saves