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10 Foods you Should NEVER Eat at Night

Nithya Lakshmi | August 17, 2018

10 Foods you Should NEVER Eat at Night

You might be eating at the right time or even in the right proportion, but have you ever wondered if you are eating the right food at night? There are foods that stimulate sleep and foods that spoil your sleep. Consuming the wrong food at night might lead to insomnia, an acid reflux or it might even disturb your sleep by triggering urination. So the next time when you are in a hurry to grab your favorite food before bedtime, just avoid the below-mentioned foods.

Listed below are a few foods which you should avoid eating at night for a proper sleep: 

1) Coffee

The caffeine content in coffee not only triggers an acidic reaction but also keeps you wide awake at night. Coffee stimulates your central nervous system.  However, this depends on how sensitive an individual is. But it is a good idea to avoid drinking caffeine at night.


2) Cheese

Eating cheese directly or even as a topping on pizza will lead to acid reflux at night.  Consuming cheese at night might cause indigestion. So it is wise to avoid cheese to get rid of heartburns. If you must have, then eat hard cheese varieties where the reflux is lesser than the soft cheese varieties such as mozzarella.


3) Dark Chocolate

Eating dark chocolates at night is so much fun! But you must know that dark chocolate contains caffeine and a stimulant named theobromine. This stimulant tends to increase your heart rate at night. If you want to have something sweet, then have a piece of white chocolate rather than a piece of dark chocolate.  


4) Wine

Drinking any kind of alcohol before going to bed is unhealthy.  Alcohol reduces the quality of your sleep and keeps you awake for long hours. Once consumed, it gets metabolized quickly, which in turn disrupts your sleep cycle.  Drinking alcohol makes you more prone to snoring and is likely to disturb your partner in bed!


5) Soda

Drinking soda or any other carbonated drinks during the night is very risky. These drinks are very acidic and they can trigger acidity in your stomach. Since more carbonation is taking place, a lot of undue pressure is also exerted in your stomach. This, in turn, damages the valves. Soda or carbonated drinks are extremely harmful to your digestive system! 


6) Red Meat

Having a heavy and spicy meal at night,  makes your body work even more during the night. Let your body sleep in peace by having something light rather than heavy for dinner. Red meat, though rich in iron and an essential component of a healthy diet,  should be avoided at night.


7) Garlic

Apart from causing bad breath, garlic also triggers an acid reflux within your stomach. It is a spicy herb and leads to heartburn. So if you are vulnerable to acid reflux and poor digestion, then having garlic at night should be a big ‘NO’ for you. 


8) Ice Cream

Who wouldn’t want to indulge in an ice cream before bedtime? Though this might sound exciting and tasty, it is not recommended. Even a small bowl of ice cream is loaded with fat. This keeps your digestive system busy in breaking the hard fat at night. The sugar in ice cream again gets stored as fat and leads to weight gain. Consuming foods rich in sugar at night can also lead to nightmares. 


9) Pasta

Pasta is another heavy food that causes your system to work more at night, thereby disturbing your sleep. Pasta is rich in carbohydrates and along with cheese, tomato sauce and spices, it undoubtedly increases the quantity of food that needs to be broken down at night-a time when your body needs rest.  Pasta has a high glycemic index, which means that it stores fat directly and keeps you awake at night.


10) Celery

Celery or any other food that is a diuretic must be avoided at night. Diuretic foods cause you to urinate more frequently as they naturally push the body’s digestive system to do so. Having healthy vegetables, such as celery, during the day is very helpful and beneficial for your body. But eating these vegetables at night, before bed,  will disrupt your sleep cycle. 

Image source:  wikipedia commons, pixabay