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10 Plants that can Attract Positive Energy into your House

Ankit Kumar | April 24, 2018

We are surrounded by negative people or people who never seem to be happy with anything or anyone and such people spread negativity around us. In order to combat this negativity, one can place some plants in the house.

Many plants have been used as good home décor accessories, as they improve the flow of positive energy giving you a sense of well-being every day. It is not possible to start a refreshing day if the space around you is not positive.

Here is a list of plants that can fill your home with a positive ambiance-

1) Peace Lily (कुमुदिनी)

Peace lilies are excellent indoor plants for home or office. These plants not only bring color to the monotonous living space but are also very good natural air purifiers. These plants have dark green leaves with white ‘flowers’.


2) Indian Basil (तुलसी)

Holy basil is a very important part of Hindu culture and Ayurvedic medicine, it helps in cleansing the air and brings positive energy to the environment. Growing a basil plant in your house has a spiritual healing effect.


3) Areca Palm (सुपारी ताड़)

The pleasant flow of its leaves softens the energy of your home. It is very easy to care for this plant. You can place it inside your house under an artificial light and water it regularly.


4) Dracaena

It is one of the most famous indoor plants in the world. It is because of its certain important properties like increasing humidity that it can retain only 3% of water given to it. They are even good for increasing the oxygen content of the room which makes you relax and feel optimistic.


5) Spider Plant (सफ़ेद मुस्ली)

Spider Plant is well known as a champion air purifying plant. Studies show it has the potential of cleaning 90% of the chemical formaldehyde from the surrounding air. Since formaldehyde is a common indoor pollutant, this plant is kept especially in kitchens and bathrooms.


6) Weeping Fig

A fig in your living room can help filter out pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzenes, and trichloroethylenes. It is recommended to keep it in the presence of bright sunlight for better growth.


7) Money Plant (मनी प्लांट)

It is also known as golden pothos or silver vine. In feng shui, it is said that this plant produces a positive ambiance that attracts good fortune. It can grow as a climber. This plant should be placed in sharp corners to help reduce stress and negative feelings.

8) Lucky Bamboo (फेंग शुई बम्बू)

Lucky bamboo is being used across Asia for thousands of years as a symbol of good fortune. It is generally used as an ornamental indoor plant but it also has an important significance in Feng Shui – this plant can bring luck and fortune.


9) Aloe Vera (एलोवेरा)

The Aloe vera plant brings positive energy and good luck. It also contains healing properties. This plant emits oxygen even in the night while simultaneously taking in CO2. This leads to a better air quality and an even better sleep.


10) Sage (ऋषि संयंत्र)

Sage plant has incredible cleansing properties that help to get rid of negativity from the air. It supports the flow of constructive energy in your house, and it can also be used for medicinal purposes.

Ankit Kumar




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