10 popular recipes that protect you from Delhi Smog

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By Kirti Arora

Delhi has become a gas chamber. The air we breathe is gradually taking us closer to death. Today we have best of facilities but the quality of life has come to a gloomy low. However, there are recipes that can protect you from ill effects of Delhi smog. These recipes are simple to prepare and will be adored by your loved ones.

The air that we are breathing is very harmful to our lungs and circulatory system. Hence, it is important that we consume popular recipes that will protect us from Delhi smog and its dire repercussions. These recipes will detox your system and leave you feeling refreshed and recharged to face various challenges of the day. Popular recipes are mentioned below:

1.Detox drink

Best drink that you can drink early morning to give your day a wonderful kick start. Also, it helps flush out toxins.

Recipe: http://www.betterbutter.in/recipe/23900/detox-drink

2. Daily Herbal Detox Drink

Prepared with natural ingredients, the drink helps improve metabolism, control blood sugar levels and strengthen immunity.


Recipe: http://www.betterbutter.in/recipe/5522/daily-herbal-detox-drink

3. Apple Cinnamon Detox Drink

The drink is very helpful in burning fat and flushing toxins out of the body.


Recipe: http://www.betterbutter.in/recipe/23986/apple-cinnamon-detox-drink

4. Detox Water

Helps you feel refreshed and keeps your system toxin-free.


Recipe: http://www.betterbutter.in/recipe/33120/detox-water

5. Peanuts and Sprouts Salad

Protein-rich salad will keep you healthy and glowing.


Recipe: http://www.betterbutter.in/recipe/31642/peanut-and-sprouts-salads

6. Barley Salad

A healthy and tasty salad alternative that you can prepare for a light dinner also.


Recipe: http://www.betterbutter.in/recipe/2349/barley-salad

7. Black Chickpea Salad

An excellent vegan and gluten-free source of protein and fibre, in one bowl of salad.


Recipe: http://www.betterbutter.in/recipe/1166/black-chickpea-salad

8. Purple Cabbage Salad

A healthy salad prepared with fresh purple cabbage and beans.


Recipe: http://www.betterbutter.in/recipe/5566/purple-cabbage-salad

9. Soya Chunks salad with a spicy yogurt dressing

A meal in a bowl that is healthy & light on the waistline too.

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Recipe: http://www.betterbutter.in/recipe/975/soya-chunks-salad-with-a-spicy-yogurt-dressing

10. Thai Style Pineapple Cucumber Salad

A refreshing salad to energize you after a stressful day at work.


Recipe: http://www.betterbutter.in/recipe/2338/thai-style-pineapple-cucumber-salad

Don’t forget to try these recipes that protect yourself from Delhi smog today!

These recipes can easily be prepared at home. Even your young ones can prepare them easily under the guidance of an adult. Only with regular consumption of these drinks and diet, you will be able to ward off dangerous effects of Delhi smog. So, don’t forget to try these yummy and nutritious recipes that protect yourself from Delhi smog!

Always remember, precaution is better than cure. So embrace yourself for Delhi winters as you brave chilly weather along with smog and pollution. The only respite for you and your family will be popular recipes that protect you from Delhi smog.

Cover Image Credit: Hindustan Times

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