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10 Ways to Boost Brain Development in Children

Priyanka Verma | February 28, 2018

Research has shown that intelligence is hereditary but still there is a lot that you can do to enhance your child’s brain development.

Here are some simple and easy ways through which you can optimize your child’s brain power:

1. Play brain challenging games with your child

brain games


Make your child play lots of logical reasoning games such as mazes, puzzles, crosswords, and whenever your child gets stuck, help him and encourage him.


2. Enrol your child for music lessons

music lessons


Music stirs the soul. Well, it also helps improve your IQ, so enroll your child for some music lessons and make him/her learn any musical instrument. It will help to enhance your child’s intelligence and logical reasoning power.


3. Give a nutritious diet to your child

nutritious diet


A healthy and nutritious meal is the key to a healthy body and a sound mind. Just dump all that junk food and give your child foods that are nutrient-dense.


4. Allow some video-game time to your child

video games


Contrary to popular belief, you should allow your child to play video games for some time every week, provided the time is allotted by you and the game is also of your choice. Constructive and well-meaning video games help to encourage your child’s analytical skills and logical thinking.


5. Read books to your child from an early age

read to your child


Read books to your child at an early age to instill a love of reading. Read books which make your child ask questions and learn about various things.


6. Tell your child about how things work

how things work


Grab every opportunity to tell your child about how different kinds of machinery work and foster curiosity. Whenever your child asks you a question, answer slowly and intelligently.


7. Be a good role model

role model


Children learn a lot by imitation so you need to set a good example before them. Always eat healthily, go for a walk instead of being a couch potato. Read books yourself and encourage your child to pick a book too.


8. Talk to your child often

talk to your child


Talk to your child just as you talk to an adult and listen to them carefully. Answer all your child’s queries promptly. If they are curious to know something, you must provide them with an appropriate answer.


9. Respond in a positive way as much as possible

positive response


Respond to your child in a clear and positive manner and don’t shun away from your child when he/she does something wrong or asks you something. Even if you need to tell your child about a socially unacceptable behavior, tell your child about the pros and cons of the same and do it politely.


10. Love unconditionally



Be affectionate towards your child. After all, he looks up to you for guidance and if you don’t show love and affection, your child will feel stressed and emotionally insecure and this will impact his/her concentration levels too!

Hope you like the above information. If you know any more tips for brain development, please do share with us.

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Priyanka Verma


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