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11 Awesome Lunch Box Recipes For Kids

Sujata Limbu | February 9, 2018

Kids can be fussy about what they eat and it’s every mother’s worst nightmare to find a Tiffin box with leftover food! There are certain tips and tricks to ensure that your child not only finishes his lunch but thoroughly enjoys it as well. Read on to find 11 lunch box recipes that will make sure the tiffin returns empty.

1 Rainbow Sandwich

This healthy and attractive sandwich is made with the natural colours of vegetables and is sure to kill the curiosity of a fussy eater.

001 (28)

2. Bread Upma

This quick fix recipe makes an unusual combination of texture and flavours that will leave your kid wanting more.

002 (23)

3. Paneer Tikka Kathi Rolls

A homemade kathi roll with a delicious filling that will leave your kid licking their fingers.

003 (21)

4. Cheesy Spinach Macaroni Bread lasagna

A tasty preparation of macaroni along with a spinach paste that will make sure your kids eat their veggies.


004 (22)




5. Paneer and Corn Croquettes

Delicious croquettes stuffed with a paneer and corn mixture that any kid will not be able to resist.

005 (18)

6.  Tava fried stuffed bread pakora

A simple and tasty recipe made up of bread slices and a yummy potato filling that every kid is sure to love.

006 (13)

7. Quesadilla

The perfect Quesadilla recipe made from scratch that is a delicious and complete meal for your kids.

007 (8)

8. Bread pockets

A scrumptious delight with a filling of vegetables and chicken (optional) fried to perfection that your kid can’t say no to.

008 (2)

9. Open-faced Sandwiches

Open-faced sandwiches is a colourful tiffin recipe that will appeal to your kid’s eyes and tummy as well.

009 (2)

10. Paneer Macaroni Lollipops

Lollipops made from a mixture of paneer and cheese with macaroni that is sure to be a hit with every kid.

010 (1)

11. Cheesy Bread Pops

Cute and pretty cheesy bread pops when served on sticks makes it the perfect tiffin recipe that your kid will love.



Sujata Limbu


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