5 foods that make you smell good down there

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By Sujata Limbu

Ladies, the scent that your downstairs friend carries can say a lot about your health! Every woman has a unique and different scent. Here are some foods that can keep you healthy and smelling good down there, we kid not!

Citrus Fruits

Fruits such as lemons and oranges are easily absorbed by the human body. These fruits contain acids that help in flushing out water from the body, on doing so the bad smells are eliminated leaving a pleasant and fruity smell instead. They also contain fiber, thus they move slowly in our system and help flush out toxins that cause body odours.


This fermented functional beverage that is made up of black tea, sugar and other ingredients such as sugar cane and honey, it contains probiotics as well as multiple health benefits. Probiotics can help restore the balance of bacteria presence in your body.


While there has been no scientific evidence as of yet that pineapples make you smell and taste great down there, there have a been a lot of people who vouch for it on the internet. Pineapples are very sweet in taste and smell good, what you eat affects your body, thus there’s no harm in eating it and trying out something that could most certainly be possible!

Green Vegetables

Green veggies are very good ingredients that help you smell good and leave your lady friend smelling and tasting mild and clean. All greens help in this regard, except for asparagus and broccoli, as both these ingredients make your urine smell. Generally, a vegetarian diet will definitely make you smell less funky downstairs!


While dairy products do not generally make you smell good down there and in fact can just make things worse. Yogurt on the other hand contains good bacteria that keeps your vagina happy and healthy. It also assists in preventing vaginal infections and helps keep your pH system balanced that keeps your lady friend in a good shape.

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