5 Signs that your Kid is being Bullied

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The number of bullying incidents is on the rise in schools nowadays and this is a great cause of concern. Bullying shatters the confidence of the victim and he/she may even find it difficult to concentrate on studies. Most kids who get bullied do not speak to anyone about it and the parents get to know only when the damage has already taken place!

Here are 5 signs parents may notice if their child is being bullied-

1. Disturbed sleep

Disturbed Sleep bullying english

Watch out for disturbed sleep and restless at night. Children who are bullied may get scared by the nightmarish torture they have to go through and this may affect their sleep.


2. Falling grades

fall in grades bullying english

If your child usually does well in school and gets steady grades and you notice a fall in his/her grades, it could be due to the fact that your child is unable to concentrate and might be a victim of bullying.


3. Reluctance to go to school

unwillingness to go to school bullying english

It’s ok for kids to resist going to school after a vacation or when they’ve slept late but if you notice that your child becomes unhappy at the thought of going to school in the middle of the term, it is definitely a cause of concern.


4. The child is not his usual self

remains quiet bullying english

If your otherwise chirpy and talkative child becomes quiet and behaves strangely one fine day, it could be something fishy.


5. Decrease in friends

fewer friends bullying english

Although it’s ok for your child to make new friends every now and then but if your child stops talking about friends or says that he/she eats lunch alone and has fewer friends, you need to find the cause of the same.

Parents should always talk to kids after school and keep an eye on them. Should they notice any unusual behavior, just try and talk to the child and find the root cause of it, so that action can be taken before it’s too late!

Image Source: perth capap, mothering, huffintonpost, greatschools, rador.ro, the indian express

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