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5 Signs to show that your Child has a Cavity

Shruti Jolly Suri | August 17, 2018

A toothache can be very painful and stressful, especially when kids get an infection in the tooth. Cavity also known as tooth decay, is a hole that forms in the tooth and it is primarily caused when teeth are not cleaned properly. If the cavities are not treated on time, they can damage the tooth completely! As far as children are concerned, if teeth are cleaned properly, cavities can be avoided. If due to some reason, kids get a tooth infection, the symptoms must be diagnosed and a dentist must be consulted at the earliest.

Here are a few symptoms that indicate that your child may be suffering from cavities:


1) Sensitivity Towards Hot and Cold Foods and Drinks

If your child complains of a sensitivity while eating something hot or cold, it can be a sign of danger. It indicates that there is some infection in the teeth or gums, which causes a sensation in the teeth or some pain while biting or chewing food.


2) Bad Breath

If your child has bad breath, there is a high possibility that he/she has some infection in the mouth. In such a scenario, clean your child’s mouth well.  Often the infection can also lead to a bitter taste in the child’s mouth. This bad taste is another indicator of a tooth infection. Even after cleaning the mouth properly if bad breath still persists, the child must be shown to the doctor.


3) Swelling in the Gums and Tenderness of the Skin

If your child complains of uneasiness in the teeth, the first thing to check is the gums. If the gums are light pink uniformly then its normal, but if some parts are swollen or dark pink/red then it is a symptom of an infection.


4) Holes in the Teeth

A small black hole usually develops if infection persists for some time. The tooth looks darker in comparison to other teeth. Keep checking your child’s teeth for these symptoms from time to time.


5) Shooting Pain

If your child complains of shooting pain in the teeth, it could be a cavity. When the infection has spread deep, then it is a serious issue and eating anything causes intense pain. In such a situation it is imperative to consult a dentist immediately.

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