6 Awesome Ways to add Multi grains to your Diet

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In order to stay healthy, you need to consume a healthy diet. For this, you need to eat lots of grains. Whole grains are loaded with fiber, iron, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. When we remove their outer cover and eat them, most of their nutritional value goes away,  so we must aim to include these in our diet in such a way that all the three parts-the outer cover, seed, and the endosperm, are all present. It is no rocket science to do so.

Here are some easy ways to include multi-grains into your daily diet: 

1) Multigrain Flour, Chapati, and Bread

Multigrains or flour made up of various grains, is very beneficial for health. You can add grounded chickpeas, millets, maize, barley and soya bean along with wheat flour, to make your very own multigrain flour. Multigrain bread is also available in the market and is perfect for breakfast. Apart from this, you may also eat chapatis made only with millets, maize, and barley from time to time.

2) Cracked Wheat, Ragi, and Barley

Cracked or broken wheat (dalia) is healthy and easy to prepare breakfast meal,  that liked by both adults and children. In South India, dalia made with soaked and ground ragi is a very popular breakfast for small kids and ragi ladoos are apt for older kids. Ragi is loaded with nutrients and is very beneficial for kids. Sattu, which is made with barley, is also considered to be very healthy and can be easily added to rotis, puris or kachoris. If you wish to lose weight, add it to water along with some lemon juice and drink it like sweet lime.


3) Sprouts

Sprouted lentils and nuts are very beneficial for health. After being soaked in water, the amount of starch in them gets reduced and thus they prevent fat from being added to the body. Sprouts are very rich in minerals and vitamins and can be eaten in the form of sprouts. You can also eat them in the form of a savory crepe (cheela). You may also knead a dough and make it into a parantha or make a stuffed parantha out of it and give it to kids.


4) Oats, Kuttu and Amaranth

These three grains can easily be found in most household kitchens. Many people eat oats cooked in milk or water as a breakfast. One can also add veggies or moong dal to oats and make a porridge out of it. Powdered oats can be made into a savory crepe and eaten as a breakfast. Similarly, one can prepare savory crepes with grounded kuttu and amaranth. Amaranth kheer, halwa, ladoo or chikki is a healthy and filling breakfast that can help to curb unnecessary snacking.


5) Whole Wheat Pasta or Noodles

If your kids are fond of junk food, give then whole wheat pasta and noodles instead of refined flour pasta and noodles. They are not just healthy; they taste equally good too! You can also eat whole wheat vermicelli with veggies as it is loaded with nutrients and is very tasteful. You may make sweet vermicelli as a kheer or as a savory upma and enjoy the goodness of wheat.


6) Corn and Popcorn

Corn is considered to be a very healthy snack. You may also eat it in the form of popcorn. You can boil corns and make them into a salad or blend the boiled corns and make them into a tikki with spices. All your family members will love this breakfast. Butter roasted baby corn is another easy to prepare and healthy snack. If you’re fond of cornbread, you can make that too.

Now that you have so many options, just prepare a weekly menu and incorporate all these healthy and delicious grains into your diet!

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