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6 Quick Makeup Hacks to Save the Day

Nupur Kumari | April 21, 2018

As it is said, while going out, women take a lot of time to get ready. One of the main reasons for this is their makeup, which takes a lot of time. Be it a wedding or any special occasion, makeup acts as the icing on the cake to enrich their beauty, but every time women cannot depend on a beauty parlor for it. This is the reason why you must be well acquainted with some basic but quick and easy makeup tricks that can save you at the last minute:

1) If you accidentally bought a foundation of a darker shade


If you accidentally bought a foundation darker than your skin tone, do not worry. Just take a very small amount of this foundation and apply it to your face and slowly mix it well. By doing so, the foundation will mix well with your skin tone.


2) If you do not have Matte Lipstick

matte lipstick

In this case, firstly apply your usual lipstick on your lips. Now place a tissue over the lips and apply some translucent powder over the tissue. Tap with light hands and then remove the tissue. Using this method the lipstick will give a matte finish and will even stay for a longer time.


3) If you want your eyes to look larger

big eyes

If your eyes are small and you want them to appear larger then you can use “Mascara” with “Eyeliner”. To do this, instead of dragging the mascara upwards and drag it towards the front. Doing this results in eyelashes to appear denser thus the eyes appear larger.


4) If you want your eyelashes to appear elongated without extending them

big eyelashes

If you apply some baby powder with the help of some cotton while applying “Mascara”, this makes your eyelashes appear denser.


5) If you are very tired and do not want it to show

conc makeup

When you have not slept properly last night, your eyes appear tired. This degrades your beauty and your face looks exhausted. You can use a concealer to hide it and make it appear fresh and energetic.


6) If you want your lips to appear plumper

plump lips

Nowadays, plumper lips are prevalent. In such a case, if your lips are thin then you will definitely want to give it a plumper look. To do this, add some peppermint oil to your gloss and then put it on your lips.

The use of the above methods not only saves your time but help you steal the spotlight at any occasion.

Image Source: bustle, khoobsurati, avoskinbeauty,, youtube.

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