7 Early Signs of Cervical Cancer that you Should Know!

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Cervical cancer occurs due to abnormal cell growth in the lower part of the cervix connected to the uterus. Cervical cancer does not seem to be obvious in the initial stages. Hence, doctors recommend a Pap test that detects the abnormal cells in the cervix to remove them effectively. Experts suggest taking this test starting at the age of 21 for women. The extreme conditions of cervical cancer are fatal and an early diagnosis of cervical cancer  will help women stay out of danger.

Here are the symptoms of Cervical Cancer:

1) Discomfort while Urinating

Your health can be better understood by the color of the urine you pass. Any burning sensation while you urinate, change in tinge, or any other kind of discomfort while urinating are the signs that you need to keep an eye out for. The discomfort could be due to the spread of cancerous tissues to the nearby areas. Besides this, an infected urinary tract or urinary bladder might also display the same symptoms. So visiting a doctor will help in an early diagnosis and treatment.


2) Extreme Fatigue

This is very certain in the case of cervical cancer. If your body has been bleeding abnormally then it is likely to release a lot of blood cells, thereby decreasing the amount of oxygen present. This will make you anemic and dull for a prolonged time period. It is wise to check for cervical cancer in such cases.


3) Vaginal Leakage

Its common to have a vaginal discharge at times but having it often with a smell is a red flag. Extreme vaginal leakage that is watery, brown, with mild bleeding, with a bad odor are all signs of infected cervical tissues that can lead to cervical cancer.


4) Sudden Weight Loss

Cervical cancer might lead to a sudden drop in weight, which you must watch out for. When don’t feel like eating, when you feel nauseated constantly with no proper intake of food, you are likely to lose weight. If you have dropped a lot of weight in a short time span due to nausea, then do check with your doctor for symptoms of cervical cancer.


5) Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

If you are facing heavy flow during your periods or after menopause,  or if it is irritating at the cervix then it might be due to cervical cancer. Besides this, you might also over bleed due to liver disease, pelvic inflammation, and thyroid. So discuss this with your doctor so that you can find a solution to this at an early age. 


6) Pelvic Pain

Though pelvic pain is very common among women during their menstrual cycles, this must not be ignored if it is more prolonged than usual. You might get such a pain often during any time apart from your menstrual days. In order to stay out of danger, visit your doctor to undergo a complete checkup.


7) Feel like Puking

You might always feel like puking or your body may seem too tired due to indigestion. This might be due to cervical cancer which compresses the abdomen and makes you feel uncomfortable due to an acid reflux happening internally. This causes nausea. You need to discuss with your doctor in order to find the exact cause of it as nausea might be linked to other health issues as well.

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