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7 Myths about Green Tea Busted

Priyanka Verma | February 10, 2018

Green tea is the new in-thing nowadays and from youngsters to elderly, everyone is drinking this tea. Sadly, most of us are believing so many claims that are false. Let’s take a look at what’s true and what’s not?

Here are the most common myths regarding green tea-

1. Green tea burns belly fat

belly fat

Truth: Seriously? If you’ve started having green tea assuming you’re going to have a slimmer waistline, it’s a total waste of time. Green tea is definitely a healthy option as compared to regular tea but it alone cannot help to burn belly fat. It can help to boost metabolism and if you practice a healthy lifestyle alongside; you might burn some belly fat too!


2. Green tea doesn’t have caffeine

caffeine free

Truth: Although not all, but some versions of green tea do contain some amount of caffeine. So if you wish to eliminate caffeine from your routine, check the pack for ‘caffeine-free’ label or a 0mg of caffeine in the nutritional information.


3. Green tea reduces the risk of cancer


Truth: A lot of research is being done regarding the use of green tea to reduce the risk of cancer but there is not much evidence to support the same! It’s better to lead a healthy lifestyle than just relying on green tea for the same.

4. Green tea has anti-aging properties


Truth: We wish! Research has shown that green tea contains antioxidants and anti-aging properties, but it isn’t a one-man army. Other factors such as exposure to the sun, skin type, heredity and how you take care of your skin also matter. So, don’t expect the signs of aging to vanish as you start drinking green tea.

5. Green tea has no side effects

side effects

Truth: So not true! You’ve been hearing only the good stuff about green tea and so you probably don’t know about the side effects green tea can have on your body! 1-2 cups a day is ok but if you consume more than 10 cups of green tea, it’s going to affect your body adversely. As they say, “Excess of anything is bad”, the same holds true for green tea as well. Overconsumption of green tea can cause liver diseases, upset the stomach and reduce the iron content of the body. Keep it within limits!

6. Green tea lowers blood sugar

blood sugar

Truth: Ya right! Green tea is an unsweetened beverage but if you continue to have sugar in other forms, no amount of green tea can lower your existing blood sugar levels.

7. Green tea helps to maintain oral hygiene

oral health

Truth: Really? Green contains antimicrobial agents that can kill the germs present in your mouth and helps to prevent bad breath, BUT, you can reap these benefits of green tea only if you’re using it as a mouthwash! Are you?

Now that you know the truth about green tea, we’re sure you would think of other means to remain healthy, along with your cup of green tea!

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