7 Recipes to make with wheat flour instead of maida

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By Deviyani Srivastava

Everytime we cook something, there’s a million dollar question that weighs us down – what should we use – whole wheat flour (atta) or refined flour – maida. Here’s the bottom line – when it comes to nutrition – whole wheat flour is the better bet. It retains all the vitamins, minerals, fibre and the protein, unlike maid which is stripped of all that AND has a higher calorie content. That’s why we are listing out 5 recipes that you can easily replace with wheat flour and forgo it’s refined brother.

1. Turkish Fudge Cake – Whole wheat

A Turkish style milk soaked cake. Made with 100% whole wheat flour which makes it even more coveted due to its higher health quotient. It’s light for the tummy and healthy too.

Recipe Link: http://www.betterbutter.in/recipe/16155/turkish-fu…

2. Whole Wheat Vegetarian Pizza

Pizza is often considered not to be a part of a healthy diet, well then think again. Using whole wheat flour instead of all purpose flour not only makes the pizza crust healthy but it makes a fluffy, soft and crispy pizza which we all love. Get creative with the toppings and enjoy.

Recipe Link: http://www.betterbutter.in/recipe/322/whole-wheat-…

3. Whole Wheat Spinach Paneer Lifafa Paratha

An envelope shaped paratha, as the word ‘Lifafa’ means envelope. This whole wheat paratha is made by folding it in the shape of an envelope with the stuffing inside. Stuffing is made with paneer and spinach, which makes it much more healthier.

Recipe Link: http://www.betterbutter.in/recipe/5896/whole-wheat…

4. Whole Wheat Apple Cranberry Muffins with Streusel Topping – Egg less Recipe

One of the best reason for baking with whole wheat is getting the nuttiness of the whole grain. When trying out a recipe with whole wheat flour as a replacement always keep two things in mind. It needs more liquid to soak and takes a bit longer to bake compared to all purpose flour.

Recipe Link: http://www.betterbutter.in/recipe/11270/whole-whea…

5. Banana Honey Whole wheat Pancakes

Treat your family to these wholesome and delicious pancakes. Save time by making the batter the previous night and then rustle up these amazing golden pancakes next morning.

Recipe Link: http://www.betterbutter.in/recipe/1024/banana-hone…

6. Whole Wheat Almond Biscotti

These twice-baked, dry, crunchy, italian almond cookies are perfect for an afternoon snack. Best had dipped in a drink, like hot chocolate or coffee.

Recipe Link: http://www.betterbutter.in/recipe/962/whole-wheat-…

7. Eggless Whole Wheat Amaranth Brownies

This is a sure shot guilt free indulgence. Enjoy this rich, gooey, chewy and decadent healthy brownie with a glass of milk. Rajgira or amaranth flour has very high nutritional value and is easily available.

Recipe Link: http://www.betterbutter.in/recipe/3007/eggless-who…

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