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8 Foods You Must Avoid during Indigestion

Nithya Lakshmi | July 5, 2018

8 Foods You Must Avoid during Indigestion

The food that you eat has a direct impact on the amount of acid that is generated in your stomach. Acid reflux is nothing but the reverse flow of acid from your stomach into the esophagus, causing stomach burn or heartburn. Though indigestion is very common among many, proper care is crucial in order to prevent it from becoming chronic.  In case of indigestion, you need to stay away from certain types of food which might worsen the situation: 

1) Citrus Fruits

Fruits are an essential part of your daily diet.  However, it is important to eat the right type of fruit during acid reflux as consumption of  certain fruits can actually aggravate the burn. Fruits like orange, lemon, tomato, pineapple and lime are acidic fruits and this might increase the risk of oesophageal disease.


2) Fatty Foods

The lower oesophageal sphincter is damaged due to acid reflux and eating more fatty foods will only worsen the situation. Foods like onion rings, dessert, french fries, beef and  lamb are rich in fat and this will relax the LES, thereby causing the stomach to pump more acid into the oesophagus.


3) Caffeine

A quick bowel movement can be achieved by consuming caffeine and it can even stimulate diarrhoea. So when you are suffering from indigestion, having coffee or other drinks containing caffeine will increase indigestion rather than improving it. 


4) Spicy Food

Having spicy food during an acid reflux will only increase the backflow of acids into your stomach instead of soothing the burn. Spicy food will trigger the acids. So you need to have only bland food like bread, yogurt, and rice in order to relax your tummy.


5) Carbonated Drinks

Aerated drinks can definitely aggravate indigestion and acid reflux. Your stomach will start bloating and this will increase the pressure on your stomach, prompting it to generate more acid.


6) Peppermint

Though peppermint helps to aid digestion, during an acid reflux, peppermint can actually worsen the situation and the pain. This is because peppermint will relax the LOS and again the stomach acids will flow back into the oesophagus.


7) Fried Food

Food which is fried will always take more time to get digested. So when you are facing digestion problems, never eat fried foods as they could worsen the situation.


8) Chocolate

You might have heard that consuming chocolate might ease digestion. Beware! This is a myth! Chocolate contains methylxanthine- a component that increases the acid reflux by easing the LES muscles. So refrain from chocolates in case of indigestion.

This article was an eye-opener to me particularly. I was so insane to have orange in my case and that was like I myself added fuel to the fire! So the next time you suffer from indigestion, do stay away from the above-mentioned foods.

Image source:  simple wikipedia, public domain pictures, pixabay, pexels