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8 Mistakes To Avoid In Manipal University To Rock Your College Years

Marketing Team | October 13, 2021

It is not uncommon for new college students to struggle with adjusting to college life. The rigor of college coursework can often overwhelm students. Physical and mental health issues can also lead to something more serious. Fortunately, however, students can take steps to set themselves up for success in college. This guide covers the 10 most common college freshman mistakes you should avoid while in Manipal University,

1. Carrying On With Your High School Mindset!

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Just because you finished top of the class at your high school in your hometown doesn’t mean that you’ll have an easy ride through Manipal University. Remember, almost every one of the students at your college in Manipal, has finished top of the class in their high school in their hometown. It is time you readjust your outlook, the expectations are much higher in Manipal, and studying should be a top priority without which your dreams and ambitions may just remain that!

2. Not Earning Trust But Only Making Friends

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Trust is essential for having anything meaningful in your relationship with any person. Building trust takes a lifetime in many cases and can be crushed in an instant! It may be tempting for you to be associated with the ‘In’ crowd and to flaunt your social connections. But finally, you’ll fall prey to the many social climbers and booze whores that you’re going to surround yourself with. You may think that surrounding yourself with these so-called ‘Inspiring people’ is the fastest way to make a name for yourself, the only thing you’re achieving is faking your life.

3. Waiting Until The Last Year To Begin The Job Search

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Some students view Manipal as an interim period in their lives, one in which actions have no real consequences. Most of us wait until the final semester of our senior year to visit the career counseling office and then complain that we can’t find a job. This process should start in the second semester of your freshman year at Manipal (More so for students at Manipal Institute of Technology).

During this time you should begin your assessment of yourself and consider applying for internships, connecting with Manipal alumni and discussing your future with your mentor/guardian/parents. You should have internships or jobs throughout your Manipal years to build a résumé and balance those with extracurricular activities that show different skills.

4. Forgetting That Family Comes First


Friends come and go. But forgetting the people who helped you get into a Manipal University college in the first place is unpardonable. They’ve supported you, financially (the course fees at Manipal are not exactly peanuts) and emotionally right from your diaper days and deserve a lot more respect and love than you’re offering them. Don’t forget to call your mom and dad ever so often. Keep them updated on your life in Manipal and your dreams.

5. Not Studying At All

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Ah, what we could get away with in middle and high school. As a teacher at Melaka Manipal Medical College, I sometimes ask my students whether they’ve bothered to study for their exams, especially after they’ve done miserably in the test. If you choose not to prepare for a test in middle school or high school, you might still survive since the information necessary to succeed on these tests will be less than on a college exam. Not so in the Colleges of Manipal, here you’ll fail miserably. Miserably. And professors have a tendency of not looking the other way and passing you anyway just because you are a good kid.

6. Studying For Hours

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One cannot expect to go without food or sleep for hours on end, staring at the books without a break. The words will blur and run together. The mind will wander. While it is a great idea to begin the study process the night an exam is announced, 45-minute studying sessions with a 15 minute break makes more sense than five hours straight. The best thing would be to keep abreast of the class schedule and study the topics before you attend the class. This boosts the retention power and helps score brownie points with the professor.

7. Not Having Exercise

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Get some air! No, not the stuffy Manipal hostel air that reeks of Axe spray residue and sweaty socks. You have been breathing that is probably too long. Give yourself some time for physical exercise every day. Your brain will appreciate it. My personal favorite was a 30-minute bike ride in the evenings and a jog up to End Point Manipal in the early hours of the morning. Work up a sweat. Shower. Come back refreshed and ready to study some more.

8. Not Staying Organized

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College can be a full-time job, especially for those in the Medical Colleges at Manipal. Keep the chaos to a minimum by investing in an organizer and comfortable, well stocked study nook. . Spending too much time on activities such as video games and social networking can also derail a successful college experience. Forgetting assignments due to a lack of organization is another classic mistake, as Manipal university professors do not make a practice of reminding students about upcoming assignments.


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